A Time of Growth  

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Humble Altar of Tunare
Faction Changes:

This is the first in the Tunare deity quest series.

You must speak to Kurista at 47, 93, 81 in Kelethin and accept Tunare as your deity.

Kurista then gives you some Blessed Earth which you need to scatter at two locations

  1. Vhalen's Tower in Antonica, -1300.46, 37.92, 55.31 Click on the Urn next to the tower.
  2. The Elddar Grove Scatter the Blessed Earth in The Elddar Grove (In Qeynos City) examine the bush next to the lift 663, -9, -376

Take the sapling and place it in your in room. Right click on the sapling and give it water, then change the soil, then sing to it. This will nurture the tree.

Pick up the tree and take it to Greater Faydark. You must plant the tree by Tunare's Sapling 25.16, 5.27, 118.40 at a clickable log near the Old Kelethin Acorn Lift.
This completes the cycle of growing and beginnings.

Once you have planted the sapling, return to Kurista for your reward, a Humble Altar of Tunare for your house and you can then take the next quest in the series, Those Who Were Lost.

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Those Who Were Lost
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