And Straight On Till Morning  

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Wind Essence
Blessing of Xegony

Game Update #61
August 25, 2011

NOTE: You must have a gathering skill of at least 250 to complete this quest.

Aarne sends you back to talk to Researcher Aillena (on Cloudmist Isle in the Barren Sky). He will follow you there.

Aillena suggests freeing some wind essences from local plants to regain Xegony's favor.

  1. These are tanglebrush, a misty-looking shrub that becomes targetable on this step of the quest. Double click the bushes and free wind essences. Requires 250 gathering. There are many near the cloud station.
  2. Free the essences from the highest point you can find. Take the cloud platform to the Isle of the Watchers. The spot is marked at 89, 471, -424 . Double click the shiny and the essences are free.
  3. Return to Aillena. She's not there, but speak to Ixode, her air elemental.

if you believe in fairies, clap real loud!
if you believe in fairies, clap real loud!
Fly, Norrathian, fly! You now have Blessing of Xegony, a flying ability that is not a mount.

If you need flight instruction, see How to Fly Your Mount.

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OOC The title of this quest is a reference to Peter Pan. The guide to Neverland is "First star to the right and straight on till morning."

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