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NameTierClassificationNode TypeSkillFound In
Cluster Of Eggs0ObjectOtherN/A 
Ancient Chalice0ObjectOtherN/A 
A Foci Of Decay0ObjectOtherN/A 
A Larvae Infested Carcass0ObjectOtherN/A 
A Sabertooth Tent0ObjectOtherN/A 
War Map0ObjectOtherN/A 
Clefts Invasion Plans0ObjectOtherN/A 
Windsister's Song0ObjectOtherN/A 
Poems Of Alyarrah - Page 14 Books0ObjectOtherN/A 
A Mysterious Prism0ObjectOtherN/A 
Anaz Mal, Blackfang - Page 8 Vase0ObjectOtherN/A 
Ward Of Dissolution0ObjectOtherN/A 
Ward Of Oblivion0ObjectOtherN/A 
Ward Of Ruin0ObjectOtherN/A 
Ward Of Ethernere0ObjectOtherN/A 
Ward Of Necrosis0ObjectOtherN/A 
Ward Of Demise0ObjectOtherN/A 
Deathknell Pyre0ObjectOtherN/A 
Phar'Un Monolith0ObjectOtherN/A 
Down Below Books0ObjectOtherN/A 
Goblin Supply Crate0ObjectOtherN/A 
A Rock0ObjectOtherN/A 
The Old Stump0ObjectOtherN/A 
Treasure Chest0ObjectOtherN/A