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NameLevelZoneGrants AA
Melvin PennysworthSteamfont MountainsNo
A Mountain Lion37-39   -Steamfont MountainsNo
A Bloodhorn Headhunter43-44   -Steamfont MountainsNo
Grak Shattersnout35   ^Steamfont MountainsYes
A Grikbar Madcap38   v vSteamfont MountainsNo
Eurynomis45   ^Steamfont MountainsYes
A Feral Coyote35-38   -Steamfont MountainsNo
A Balespring Raider48-49   vSteamfont MountainsNo
Gimble TinkertonSteamfont MountainsNo
Enixy FenderSteamfont MountainsNo
Maladominus PoxbringerSteamfont MountainsNo
A Grikbar Warrior35-36   v v v   to   -Steamfont MountainsNo
Chortle The Imp45   v v vSteamfont MountainsYes
A Grikbar Scamp35-37   v v v   to   -Steamfont MountainsNo
Proudstalker36   ^Steamfont MountainsYes
Picklenose38   ^Steamfont MountainsYes
HodgemottinSteamfont MountainsNo
Clockwork Menace1   v v vSteamfont MountainsNo
A Mountain Goat6   vSteamfont MountainsNo
Rizo VoombinSteamfont MountainsNo
A Grikbar Outcast45   -Steamfont MountainsNo
An Enslaved Scamp40-41   v vSteamfont MountainsNo
Adam CogbusterSteamfont MountainsNo
An Enslaved Battler40-41   v vSteamfont MountainsNo
A Mazkeen Raider39-40   v vSteamfont MountainsNo
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