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NameLevelZoneGrants AA
A Mystail Matriarch5   -Oakmyst ForestNo
Judge Eunomia11   ^Oakmyst ForestYes
Empress AnassaOakmyst ForestNo
A Molting Spider9   vOakmyst ForestNo
Lieutenant Gnar'Sok11   -Oakmyst ForestNo
A Sunshimmer Sprite7-9   v v vOakmyst ForestNo
A Shady Furrier6   vOakmyst ForestNo
A Mystail Yearling4   vOakmyst ForestNo
Observer GaladnOakmyst ForestNo
Fluwkowir HaggletonOakmyst ForestNo
An Oakmyst Spider7-8   v v v   to   vOakmyst ForestNo
A Corrupted Dryad8-11   v v v   to   -Oakmyst ForestNo
Ambassador Kialee11   -Oakmyst ForestYes
Sludgefeast11   ^Oakmyst ForestNo
N`Almia The Corruptor11   -Oakmyst ForestYes
Tracker GaleraOakmyst ForestNo
An Oakmyst Fairy7-8   v v v   to   v vOakmyst ForestNo
An Oakmyst Doe6   vOakmyst ForestNo
A Shady Furrier6   vOakmyst ForestNo
Cailee Bluesheaf10   -Oakmyst ForestYes
A Vicious Badger7   -Oakmyst ForestNo
Calla BadgerbaneOakmyst ForestNo
Toppa DoppsterOakmyst ForestNo
A Clearwater Frog8   vOakmyst ForestNo
A Treant SaplingOakmyst ForestNo
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