a corrupted dryad  

Zone:Oakmyst Forest
Possible Classes:Defiler
Level:8 - 11
Difficulty:v v v to -
Classifications:Biped, Dryad, Living, Noblooded, Old World, Organic, Terrestrial
NameLevelTypeDrop Rate
elm sapwood 0Item15%
Fabric Patch 0Item10%
a vial of dryad blood 0Item10%
dryad hard candy 0Item5%
Blessed Water of Karana 0Item2%
Bronze Dagger 1Weapon0.4308%
sackcloth mitts 1Armor0.4308%
Bronze Hand Axe 4Weapon0.4308%
sackcloth shawl 0Armor0.4308%
alderwood buckler 4Shield0.4308%
sackcloth slippers 0Armor0.4308%
sackcloth cuffs 4Armor0.4308%
Bronze Halberd 1Weapon0.4308%
sackcloth blouse 1Armor0.4308%
sackcloth cap 1Armor0.4308%
machinist's gloves 3Armor0.4308%
Wolf-hide Boots 1Armor0.4308%
alderwood round shield 1Shield0.4308%
weathered topaz ring 3Accessory0.1077%
lead band 0Accessory0.1077%
tin tulwar 2Weapon0.1077%
worn chain bracelet 4Accessory0.1077%
malachite earring 5Accessory0.1077%
silver band 0Accessory0.1077%
gold etched earring 3Accessory0.1077%
Spider Claw Necklace 3Accessory0.1077%
elm cudgel 0Weapon0.1077%
tin kukri 0Weapon0.1077%
elm bo 2Weapon0.1077%
oxidized copper axe 4Weapon0.1077%
malachite bracelet 0Accessory0.1077%