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NameLevelZoneGrants AA
Llaken PiiritGreater FaydarkNo
Lianashanai Nadeau80   v v vEverfrostNo
Glienna Lillypad1   v v vGreater FaydarkNo
Venla VaaraGreater FaydarkNo
Guard Aluvier95   ^ ^ ^ Epic x4Greater FaydarkNo
Yono SylnuGreater FaydarkNo
Guard Ylivaan95   ^ ^ ^ HeroicGreater FaydarkNo
Guard Baldor30   -Greater FaydarkNo
Meliina CopperleafGreater FaydarkNo
Zeego MiemoGreater FaydarkNo
Eagereye MayweedGreater FaydarkNo
Kaarl VentrikurGreater FaydarkNo
The Herald Of Wuoshi75   ^ ^ ^ Epic x4The Emerald HallsNo
Guard Laelli20   -Greater FaydarkNo
Meldrevik Wurlongion20   ^ ^ ^ HeroicGreater FaydarkYes
Paiva KapanenGreater FaydarkNo
Lady Aileeta ReilaGreater FaydarkNo
Missantra The StylistGreater FaydarkNo
Guard Koruja95   ^ ^ ^ HeroicGreater FaydarkNo
An Average Sparring Partner2   -Greater FaydarkNo
Ulun MilooGreater FaydarkNo
R'dyles Mar'drilThe City of FreeportNo
Eetu Wisperwind20   ^ ^ ^ HeroicGreater FaydarkNo
Imme NaimeGreater FaydarkNo
Kaalee InimaariGreater FaydarkNo