a servant of Mudeef  

Possible Classes:Wizard
Level:66 - 67
Difficulty:^ ^ ^ Heroic
Classifications:Amorphous, Effreti, Hoverer, Living, Noblooded, Nocharm, Old World, Organic

This is a named NPC in a ring event that starts by killing A Sha'ir in Maj'Dul.

Event Waves

  1. One ^^^ Sha'ir (level 61)
  2. Two ^^ Sha'ir (level 62)
  3. Three ^ Sha'ir (level 63)
  4. Four straight con Sha'ir (level 64)

Once the previous four waves are dead, the Servant of Mudeef, a Djinn who is level 65 ^^^, will fly down and attack. She uses two specialized attacks: Power of the Djinn (power drain for 3k-3.8k against a level 79) and Rage of the Djinn (health drain for 2.8k-3.6k against a level 79). Her normal melee attacks land at about normal strength for a heroic of her level, but she uses her specialized attacks quite frequently.

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