a rabid leech  

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Zone:Veksar: The Sunken Theater
Level:81 - 82
Difficulty:^ ^ Heroic
Classifications:Animal, Biped, Insect, Noblooded, Nocharm, Organic, Terrestrial, Worm
NameLevelTypeDrop Rate
large plain carapace fragment 0Item25%
large razor-sharp giant leech canine 0Item2%
reflective smoldering shard 0Item0.500%
Rusted Sogger Sabatons 77Armor0.075%
Sapient Buckler 77Shield0.075%
Bracelet of Seething Hydration 77Accessory0.075%
Armguards of the Hydronaught 77Armor0.075%
Kwagan Stud 77Accessory0.075%
Kwagan Choker 77Accessory0.075%
Oxidized Douser Linked Gloves 77Armor0.075%
Pendant of the Drenchmage 77Accessory0.075%
Douser's Guard 77Shield0.075%
Bracers of Living Coral 77Accessory0.075%
Drenchmage's Gloves 77Armor0.075%
Deathward Hoop 77Accessory0.075%
Bracelet of Seething Torrents 77Accessory0.075%
Ritual Signet of Deflection 77Accessory0.075%
Ring of Mental Fortitude 77Accessory0.075%
Douser's Gutter 77Weapon0.075%
Vermiculated Hoop of Warding 77Accessory0.075%
Chord of the Kwagan Warlord 77Accessory0.075%
Earring of the Hydronaught 77Accessory0.075%
Sapient Leggings 77Armor0.075%