a Coldain battlerager  

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Zone:Thurgadin, City of the Coldain
Faction:The City of Thurgadin
Difficulty:^ ^ ^ Heroic
Classifications:Dwarf, Humanoid, Living, Nocharm, Old World, Organic, Terrestrial, Warmblooded

NameLevelTypeDrop Rate
Impure Kunzar Essence 0Potion75%
loose natural sinew 0Item35%
dwarf hard candy 0Item5%
Amber Scrying Stone 0Item2.500%
Amber Amulet 0Item2.500%
Titanium Relic 0Item2.500%
Ozocerite Wax Sealed Document 0Item2.500%
an Erudin amulet 0Item0.200%
broken sword hilt 0Item0.200%
polished amber orb 0Item0.200%
runic book 0Item0.200%
void-soaked flower 0Item0.200%