Tremblar the Behemoth  

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Zone:The Deserted Mine
Possible Classes:Berserker
Difficulty:^ ^ ^ Epic x4
Classifications:Geometric, Living, Noblooded, Nocharm, Organic, Rumbler, Shattered Lands, Terrestrial
Grants AA

  • Epic x 4
  • AoE Poison Blast that lowers your armor condition.
  • Spawns adds every ~5 Minutes.


When you zone into this instance a timer starts. After about 3-4 minutes you will start to see spawns near the Coercer NPC. You have to kill each wave of adds in no more then 3 minutes or you lose the event and are locked out for three days. After all three waves are defeated, Behemoth spawns in his killable form near the back of the zone.

  • Wave 1 main: piercing immune Wave 1 adds: slashing immune
  • Wave 2 main: piercing immune Wave2 adds: slashing immune
  • Wave 3 main: slashing immune Wave3 adds: piercing immune
  • Behemoth is SLASH IMMUNE

Before the first wave spawns you need to position your tank about 10 feet away from the NPC. The rest of the raid force needs to keep their distance to avoid initial aggro. The tank needs to be spamming the TAB key so the second they spawn he will have them targeted for taunting purposes.

Focus on the main mob for every wave first and then kill the adds. Warlocks are really the best DPS class to have for this encounter due to their amazingly high damage encounter AE's. The waves need to be burnt down ASAP because if you take to long (3 minutes) you lose the encounter and the NPC will not weaken Tremblar for you.

After the three waves are dead you need to move to the alcove near the back of the zone. After about 2 minutes Behemoth will spawn and will immediately aggro your raid party. All of the casters need to be out of casting range x4. The AE does around 2000 damage every 45-60 seconds. Your casting DPS can move in to cast after the AE goes off. Behemoth doesn't hit that hard so 3-4 healers healing your MT should be sufficient. Your other healers can be healing their groups and patching the MT as needed. ''' SPECIAL NOTE:''' Behemoth's AE DOES damage your armor. Imagine how noob you will feel when you realize 15 seconds before he is pulled that you forgot to repair and your armor is at 20%. Make sure to repair before the fight.

All in all the hardest part of this raid is defeating the 3 waves of adds. Behemoth is a quick fight and almost always drops a master chest.

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