The Headless Horseman  

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Zone:Nektulos Forest
Possible Classes:Shadowknight
Difficulty:^ ^ ^ Epic x2
Grants AA
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2013 Update

This encounter has been updated for 2013.

We'd love a new guide for the Headless Horseman!


Level 103 Epic (x2) triple up, found near the Darklight Wood and Shard of Hate entrances), and if not immediately aggroed he will wander the area. ( -1445, 28, -1158 )

Rumor says that you need a lost necklace from A Gleaming Chest in The Hedge Hollow in order to kill the horseman!

From the October 21, 2009 Hotfix Notes:

The Headless Horseman now spawns somewhere near his tree instead of just in the same spot every time. He also requires someone offer him the necklace instead of simply taking the necklace near him to activate. His respawn has also been lengthened slightly.


Nights of the Dead
(Introduced in 2009)

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