Gelidus Ventus  

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Zone:Ward of Elements
Faction:The Everdark Mauls
Difficulty:^ ^ ^ Epic x2
Purpose:The Tempest
Classifications:Air Elemental, Hoverer, Magical, Noblooded, Nocharm, Nodrag, Nomemwipe, Organic
Grants AA

<The Tempest> - 85^^^ Epic(x2)

Ward of Wind and Frost - Frictionless ice on floor in the lower center of the room, rim floor is normal but you will get the penalty AE (Falling Ice). Strong Cold-based AE and knockback.

Everyone needs Elemental Cure POTs. Group Cure is too slow to save you. it is also highly suggested that both groups have 2 healers.

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Special Attacks

Ice Fall - Penalty Cold-based AE does about 12k less your resistances. Get into the pit asap to avoid further hits with this spell. If you get knocked out of the pit you will get hit by this.

Blast of Sleet - (20 sec.)Cold-based frontal or short-range AE. about 1500 damage. Just cure/heal through it.

Purity of Frost

Snap of Serenity


Everyone step very slowly off the rim into the pit aimed directly into the armpit of one of the short stairs and stack up. AE prevent and/or Sanctuary on pull. No option for backstabbing, just do it all from that spot, piled up on each other. Heal through and burn it down. Cure the MT immediately. Everyone else is responsible for their own Cures.

In the room of this boss, some places are located by a message of protection against the cold. By properly placing, the raid can avoid the KB and AE. During the fight, no one should move on pain of being inflict AE often destructive to the entire Raid.

This mob drops Glove molds for T3 Void Shard armor.

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