Ward of Elements  

Level80 - 90
TypeInstanced Indoor


Raid Information
Sizex2 (Min: x2)
Raid ZoneWard of Elements
ExpansionThe Shattered Lands
Minimum3 days
Maximum7 days
Other Maps
<The Brasse>
Game Update #51
Elements of Corruption
Live: March 31, 2009

A brand new level 80 x2 instance has been added! This zone is balanced for players without a proliferation of raid gear, and should provide an exciting challenge to any group of 12! The first six bosses can be tackled in any order, and provide fantastic fabled loot with brand new armor sets upgraded from the tier 2 void shard sets, complete with new appearances! You can find it in Lavastorm beneath the Hollow Tower and Deep Forge.[1]

If one player has completed the quest series that starts in Lavastorm with the Order of Flames, they can walk through the barrier and zone the entire raid in. The quest Out of Her Element... will take you through the zone, killing the mobs in order.

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The zone can be easily done by two groups of semi-experienced raiders, or if you know the strats, possible to do with people new to raiding, and give Tier 3 Patterns, which can be used to upgrade your Tier 2 sets. The named monsters in Ward of Elements give a total of 4 Void Shards, and a number of symbols, offhands and jewellery than can be upgraded and used in the Tier 2 jewellery sets for their bonuses.

As of Sentinal's Fate, Tier 2 armour is no longer needed to upgrade the the Ward of Elements armour. Instead you need a pattern from the ward, 5-12 void shards and 10 platinum to upgrade. Jewellery is unaffected.


For this zone you will need:

  • Group one:
    • A plate tank (one with AoE taunts is good)
    • A shaman of some sort
    • An enchanter
    • A bard
    • Either another healer or a good DPS
  • Group two:
    • Either a druid or a cleric
    • A good off tank (brawlers work well in this role)

First named

The first named is the "Boot" mob. He drops the boot patterns for WoE sets. He is standing at the back of the room, and comes with six ^^^ adds. The tactic for this is to all rush in at once, with a healer on the MT, and everyone else assisting the OT as he burns the adds. When all the adds are dead, When the adds are dead, have the OT target the named and burn him down.

Out of all the mobs, he is one of the easiest.

Tempest named

This mob is a little bit harder than than the first one, but is a pussycat compared to some of the latter ones. When you enter the room, you will notice vents in a wall. These periodically blow gusts of wind that will have you flying around and sliding about. Instead, go left, and there will be two pillars on the wall. Have the MT and melee DPS stack up in the corner closest to the door, and the mage DPS and healers in the next corner. Just pull the tempest and burn him down. Every so often you may get disarmed. If you do, just keep whacking away at it and wait for it to pass. This mob is the gloves mob.

Khost Alor

This is the mob that separates the men from the boys. When you enter his area, clear all the mobs, but don't pull Khost yet. Now, the water in the room is electrified and will do heavy damage to everyone in it, so hug the wall and jump across the river. Go to the furthers tower and stack up, so the tank is next to the tower. Buff up, put every survivability buff you can on the tank, he will need it.

Khost, when pulled, will make the towers flux with energy. You need to pull him close to one to damage him, but the tower will also add damage to his attacks. Debuff him as much as possible as you attack and burn him down. Khost is the “hat mob”.


If you couldn't get passed Khost, then you have very little chance against Digg. Digg at the bottom of a little pit, on an island above another bottomless pit. The only way to reach him by use of bridges you can control by using the little gold bars. He hits pretty hard, and has emotes that add damage to his attack.

The easiest way I have found of beating him to have a "snake runner" and to fight him on the bridge leading to "snake". The raid tank should pull Digg so he faces towards the pit walls, away from the raid because of his nasty frontal AoE. Everyone else in raid should stand right on his tail. When the fight begins, every so often, Digg will call out "Badger", "Mushroom" or "Snake". Ignore mushroom and badger, but if he calls snake, have the snake runner move the snake that appears right at Diggs feet. Every so often, Digg will also create a sphere around himself. The raid party must be inside the sphere when it forms and explodes, or they will be knock backed and most likely die. Apart from the sphere and the snake, he is a simple tank and spank. Digg is the "chest piece" mob.


Daykara is even harder than Digg, simply because of the large amounts of DPS needed, and this is where AoE taunts come in handy.

Daykara stands before a staircase. When he is aggroed he will spawn ^^^ imps every so often. Too many of these and the raid will wipe because they will kill someone important. Daykara needs to be burnt quickly, and that is about all there is too him. Daykara is the "pants" mob, and after killing him, an anvil nearby will repair your armor for a mender fee.

Benach Aglebar

Benach spawns after a small ring event.

When you enter the room, there is a line on the floor between the room and the stairs. Have your raid stack up, just infront of the line as the tank pulls the books. There are 2 groups of these, a mix of ^^, ^^^ and X2 mobs. After killing the two groups of these, another two groups will spawn. If you have all stack up in front of the line for the adds, they won't agro right away and give you time to heal up, rez and buff up, before pulling the next set. If anyone steps onto the line or up the stairs, the ring event will break and reset.

After 3 waves of books, Benach Aglebar will spawn and a second or two after spawning will attack the raid. He has a knockback, so have the whole raid rush into the middle of room and burn him down. If you step out the room, the books will reset.

This mob drops boots and gloves.

Captain Grush

Grush is a very long fight. He stands in the middle of a room, with two x2 adds. His trick is that he can shift his resists. The orbs you might have seen drop in WoE are for this fight, but most people don't use them, because they require equipping to use. The trick is to keep power up, and slow burn. Grush also has an AoE on a 45 second timer, and less damage is taken the further away you are, so have all heals and ranged DPS at max range, then have melee DPS jousting in and out. 35 seconds in close for combat arts, and 10 seconds ranging.

Grush is the forearms mob, and gives the only piece of WoE that doesn't cost shards.


Aiden is the big bad of Ward of Elements. A corrupted Elder Elemental Dragon. Kill him and you can free Najena. Aiden is a semi technical fight, and here is the best way I know of killing him.

Have two "rock runners". Their job is to run out the arena and onto the ring of rock. They will harvest 2-3 rocks and jump into the lava whirlwinds to fly back into the arena. They then must place the rocks in front of the five portals. When Aiden flies up, he will activate the portals and if rocks are not in front of all the portals, adds will spawn. Aiden will sometimes port people to the ring of rock. If you are ported and not a rock runner, jump into a whirlwind to fly back. Rock runners who have not been ported can get up off the arena and onto the ring by running diagonally some of the arena. Have a peek around to be sure you have it.

The tank should tank Aiden facing away from the raid, with the tanks back to the wall. The raid fights Aiden from the side, to avoid his tail AoE, and burn slow. Aiden will fly up every so often, and the portals will activate, but if the rock runners are doing their job, no more than two groups of adds will spawn. If adds spawn, have the tank pick them all up and focus on Aiden while an Off tank burns down the adds, and the rock runners keep on rock running. Keep going and if you all work together, Aiden will fall.

At level 90, the adds become little to no threat, and you can all just DPS Aiden down.

Aiden is the cloak and shoulder mob. He also sometimes drops a mount, and gives a charm needed for Munzok's Material Bastion.

Well done! Your assault on the Ward of Elements was successful and Najena is free to help combat Munzok's attack!

A number of mobs in zone drop encrusted essences, which are used with the Unadorned Circlet to make a circlet for each mage class which is Appearance-Only. This circlet can also be combine with the mage T3 hat for a better hat.

Trivia Najena's flickering image and asks for help is a refrence to Princess Leia in Star Wars: A New Hope. Digg is a reference to the Badger song on Weeble's Stuff. Grush's talk of magic spear and helmet is a reference to Loony Toons.

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  1. ^ Patch Notes for Test on EQ2Players Forums

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