The Guardian of Spirit  

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Zone:Trials of the Awakened
Possible Classes:Paladin
Difficulty:^ ^ Heroic
Classifications:Coldblooded, Draconic, Dragon, Living, Organic, Quadruped, Sentient, Terrestrial
Grants AA

NameLevelTypeDrop Rate
a vial of dragon blood 0Item100%
Darksong Blade V (Adept) 67Spell Scroll0.0935%
Fear IV (Adept) 66Spell Scroll0.0935%
Shoulder Charge V (Adept) 69Spell Scroll0.0935%
Hawk Attack (Adept) 65Spell Scroll0.0935%
Bob and Weave V (Adept) 68Spell Scroll0.0935%
Brambles V (Adept) 69Spell Scroll0.0935%
Possess Essence (Adept) 65Spell Scroll0.0935%
Street Smarts V (Adept) 69Spell Scroll0.0935%
Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 66 0Recipe Book0.0935%
Aqueous Swarm IV (Adept) 66Spell Scroll0.0935%
Striking Cobra V (Adept) 66Spell Scroll0.0935%
Rock Skin III (Adept) 68Spell Scroll0.0935%
Breathtaking Bellow III (Adept) 68Spell Scroll0.0935%
Devout Sacrament IV (Adept) 68Spell Scroll0.0935%
Ancestral Avenger III (Adept) 69Spell Scroll0.0935%
Deadly Focus III (Adept) 67Spell Scroll0.0935%
Demonstration of Faith V (Adept) 68Spell Scroll0.0935%
Call of Storms (Adept) 65Spell Scroll0.0935%
Dark Pyre V (Adept) 66Spell Scroll0.0935%
Phase (Adept) 65Spell Scroll0.0935%
Spirits V (Adept) 69Spell Scroll0.0935%
Feral Tenacity III (Adept) 69Spell Scroll0.0935%
Pestilence (Adept) 65Spell Scroll0.0935%
Knockout Combination (Adept) 65Spell Scroll0.0935%
Exacting (Adept) 65Spell Scroll0.0935%
Photosynthesis VI (Adept) 68Spell Scroll0.0935%
Bolster (Adept) 65Spell Scroll0.0935%
Holdup V (Adept) 65Spell Scroll0.0935%
Haze VI (Adept) 66Spell Scroll0.0935%
Willow Wisp V (Adept) 69Spell Scroll0.0935%
Essence Shift V (Adept) 69Spell Scroll0.0935%
Charging Tiger V (Adept) 69Spell Scroll0.0935%
Entrance VI (Adept) 66Spell Scroll0.0935%
Refusal of Atonement III (Adept) 68Spell Scroll0.0935%
Cease V (Adept) 66Spell Scroll0.0935%
Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 68 0Recipe Book0.0935%
Vital Intercession VI (Adept) 68Spell Scroll0.0935%
Advanced Carpenter Volume 65 0Recipe Book0.0935%
Howl of the Damned V (Adept) 67Spell Scroll0.0935%
Call of Shielding IV (Adept) 66Spell Scroll0.0935%
Tempest VI (Adept) 67Spell Scroll0.0935%
Viscerate VI (Adept) 66Spell Scroll0.0935%
Teachings of the Underworld V (Adept) 68Spell Scroll0.0935%
Battle Cry V (Adept) 68Spell Scroll0.0935%
Tranquility (Adept) 65Spell Scroll0.0935%
Advanced Tailor Volume 67 0Recipe Book0.0935%
Advanced Tailor Volume 68 0Recipe Book0.0935%
Ancestral Ward VI (Adept) 68Spell Scroll0.0935%
Rising Phoenix V (Adept) 67Spell Scroll0.0935%
Tyrant's Pact V (Adept) 68Spell Scroll0.0935%
Advanced Sage Volume 67 0Recipe Book0.0935%
Advanced Sage Volume 65 0Recipe Book0.0935%
Will of the Heavens V (Adept) 69Spell Scroll0.0935%
Perfect Shrill VI (Adept) 68Spell Scroll0.0935%
Dreadful Wrath III (Adept) 68Spell Scroll0.0935%
Caltrops V (Adept) 65Spell Scroll0.0935%
Grave Sacrament IV (Adept) 68Spell Scroll0.0935%
Unholy Blessing V (Adept) 68Spell Scroll0.0935%
Advanced Sage Volume 66 0Recipe Book0.0935%
Taunting Blow VI (Adept) 66Spell Scroll0.0935%
Advanced Woodworker Volume 65 0Recipe Book0.0935%
Defile (Adept) 65Spell Scroll0.0935%
Aneurysm V (Adept) 67Spell Scroll0.0935%
Band of Thugs (Adept) 65Spell Scroll0.0935%
Advanced Jeweler Volume 66 0Recipe Book0.0935%
Dark Pact V (Adept) 68Spell Scroll0.0935%
Grasp of Bertoxxulous V (Adept) 67Spell Scroll0.0935%
Vehement Skin III (Adept) 68Spell Scroll0.0935%
Harl's Rousing Tune VI (Adept) 66Spell Scroll0.0935%
Regalia III (Adept) 68Spell Scroll0.0935%
Advanced Carpenter Volume 69 0Recipe Book0.0935%
Rift (Adept) 65Spell Scroll0.0935%
Advanced Tailor Volume 65 0Recipe Book0.0935%
Immolation V (Adept) 66Spell Scroll0.0935%
Phantasmal Awe IV (Adept) 65Spell Scroll0.0935%
Cuss IV (Adept) 66Spell Scroll0.0935%
Mortal Blade IV (Adept) 66Spell Scroll0.0935%
Glacial Flames IV (Adept) 65Spell Scroll0.0935%
Bloody Ritual V (Adept) 69Spell Scroll0.0935%
Pure Awe IV (Adept) 67Spell Scroll0.0935%
Dragonfire (Adept) 65Spell Scroll0.0935%
Primal Fury IV (Adept) 68Spell Scroll0.0935%
Advanced Alchemist Volume 65 0Recipe Book0.0935%
Advanced Woodworker Volume 68 0Recipe Book0.0935%
En Garde (Adept) 65Spell Scroll0.0935%
Torment VI (Adept) 67Spell Scroll0.0935%
Echoes of the Ancients IV (Adept) 68Spell Scroll0.0935%
Advanced Jeweler Volume 68 0Recipe Book0.0935%
Curse of Darkness IV (Adept) 67Spell Scroll0.0935%
Body Check VI (Adept) 69Spell Scroll0.0935%
Advanced Alchemist Volume 66 0Recipe Book0.0935%
Hateful Slam V (Adept) 69Spell Scroll0.0935%
Advanced Alchemist Volume 68 0Recipe Book0.0935%
Demolish III (Adept) 68Spell Scroll0.0935%
Raxxyl's Rousing Tune VI (Adept) 66Spell Scroll0.0935%
Spell Curse III (Adept) 68Spell Scroll0.0935%
Bruising Spirit IV (Adept) 68Spell Scroll0.0935%
Distortion IV (Adept) 65Spell Scroll0.0935%
Verdict (Adept) 65Spell Scroll0.0935%
Flash of Brilliance IV (Adept) 67Spell Scroll0.0935%
Ancient Teachings of: Sages Volume 6 0Recipe Book0.0935%
Lamenting Soul III (Adept) 67Spell Scroll0.0935%
Trick Shot IV (Adept) 66Spell Scroll0.0935%
Ancient Shroud VI (Adept) 68Spell Scroll0.0935%
Advanced Alchemist Volume 67 0Recipe Book0.0935%
Nature's Renewal III (Adept) 69Spell Scroll0.0935%
Incarcerate III (Adept) 67Spell Scroll0.0935%
Advanced Jeweler Volume 67 0Recipe Book0.0935%
Vital Transfer V (Adept) 69Spell Scroll0.0935%
Decimate (Adept) 65Spell Scroll0.0935%
Advanced Tailor Volume 69 0Recipe Book0.0935%
Rebuke VI (Adept) 66Spell Scroll0.0935%
Ego Shock V (Adept) 67Spell Scroll0.0935%
Blaze Kick V (Adept) 67Spell Scroll0.0935%
Dark Siphoning IV (Adept) 66Spell Scroll0.0935%
Advanced Tailor Volume 66 0Recipe Book0.0935%
Plane Shift (Adept) 65Spell Scroll0.0935%
Thunderous Overture IV (Adept) 68Spell Scroll0.0935%
Rending III (Adept) 68Spell Scroll0.0935%
Heroic Dash V (Adept) 69Spell Scroll0.0935%
Thunderbolt IV (Adept) 65Spell Scroll0.0935%
Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 67 0Recipe Book0.0935%
Regrowth VI (Adept) 68Spell Scroll0.0935%
Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 65 0Recipe Book0.0935%
Divine Strike VI (Adept) 67Spell Scroll0.0935%
Fusion (Adept) 65Spell Scroll0.0935%
Advanced Sage Volume 68 0Recipe Book0.0935%
Verlien's Keen of Despair V (Adept) 65Spell Scroll0.0935%
Bloodlust V (Adept) 65Spell Scroll0.0935%
Ruin V (Adept) 67Spell Scroll0.0935%
Condemn VI (Adept) 66Spell Scroll0.0935%
Advanced Carpenter Volume 67 0Recipe Book0.0935%
Bane of Warding IV (Adept) 68Spell Scroll0.0935%
Perfect Finesse III (Adept) 67Spell Scroll0.0935%
Impale V (Adept) 69Spell Scroll0.0935%
Daelis' Dance of Blades V (Adept) 69Spell Scroll0.0935%
Disarming Grin IV (Adept) 68Spell Scroll0.0935%
Frostbite IV (Adept) 65Spell Scroll0.0935%
Instinct IV (Adept) 68Spell Scroll0.0935%
Hunter's Instinct V (Adept) 69Spell Scroll0.0935%
Redemption III (Adept) 69Spell Scroll0.0935%
Ceremonial Blade V (Adept) 67Spell Scroll0.0935%
Siphon Strike V (Adept) 67Spell Scroll0.0935%
Aurora IV (Adept) 67Spell Scroll0.0935%
Hangman's Noose V (Adept) 65Spell Scroll0.0935%
Thornskin VI (Adept) 66Spell Scroll0.0935%
Skeletal Grasp III (Adept) 68Spell Scroll0.0935%
Head Shot IV (Adept) 68Spell Scroll0.0935%
Chaos V (Adept) 68Spell Scroll0.0935%
Ancient Terror III (Adept) 67Spell Scroll0.0935%
Fuliginous Whip IV (Adept) 65Spell Scroll0.0935%
Nullify V (Adept) 66Spell Scroll0.0935%
Heretic's Doom IV (Adept) 68Spell Scroll0.0935%
Extract Mana V (Adept) 69Spell Scroll0.0935%
Clara's Chaotic Cacophony IV (Adept) 66Spell Scroll0.0935%
Brutality V (Adept) 65Spell Scroll0.0935%
Void Contract V (Adept) 69Spell Scroll0.0935%
Backstab VI (Adept) 66Spell Scroll0.0935%
Atrophy VI (Adept) 66Spell Scroll0.0935%
Ensnare V (Adept) 65Spell Scroll0.0935%
Wall of Rage V (Adept) 69Spell Scroll0.0935%
Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 69 0Recipe Book0.0935%
Body Like Mountain IV (Adept) 68Spell Scroll0.0935%
Bria's Inspiring Ballad V (Adept) 69Spell Scroll0.0935%
Deceit III (Adept) 67Spell Scroll0.0935%
Purifying Flames IV (Adept) 65Spell Scroll0.0935%
Beg for Mercy IV (Adept) 68Spell Scroll0.0935%
Advanced Armorer Volume 67 0Recipe Book0.0935%
Divine Vengeance V (Adept) 67Spell Scroll0.0935%
Signet of Intellect V (Adept) 68Spell Scroll0.0935%
Luda's Nefarious Wail VI (Adept) 68Spell Scroll0.0935%
Merciless Stomp V (Adept) 66Spell Scroll0.0935%
Garsin's Funeral March IV (Adept) 68Spell Scroll0.0935%
Divine Inspiration V (Adept) 65Spell Scroll0.0935%
Advanced Carpenter Volume 68 0Recipe Book0.0935%
Indomitable Will V (Adept) 69Spell Scroll0.0935%
Putrefy VI (Adept) 67Spell Scroll0.0935%
Undead Horde (Adept) 65Spell Scroll0.0935%
Bash VI (Adept) 69Spell Scroll0.0935%
Advanced Armorer Volume 69 0Recipe Book0.0935%
Advanced Carpenter Volume 66 0Recipe Book0.0935%
Mountain Stance III (Adept) 68Spell Scroll0.0935%
Ball of Fire IV (Adept) 65Spell Scroll0.0935%
Awestruck III (Adept) 67Spell Scroll0.0935%
Unholy Hunger V (Adept) 65Spell Scroll0.0935%
Advanced Jeweler Volume 69 0Recipe Book0.0935%
Death's Door V (Adept) 69Spell Scroll0.0935%
Feign Death V (Adept) 70Spell Scroll0.0935%
Advanced Woodworker Volume 69 0Recipe Book0.0935%
Icefall VI (Adept) 67Spell Scroll0.0935%
Ancestral Savior III (Adept) 69Spell Scroll0.0935%
Rune of Thought V (Adept) 68Spell Scroll0.0935%
Hidden Shot IV (Adept) 68Spell Scroll0.0935%
Battery and Assault VI (Adept) 68Spell Scroll0.0935%
Bloody Reminder V (Adept) 68Spell Scroll0.0935%
Vacuum Field VI (Adept) 69Spell Scroll0.0935%
Fire Seed IV (Adept) 65Spell Scroll0.0935%
Castigate (Adept) 65Spell Scroll0.0935%
Eviscerate V (Adept) 66Spell Scroll0.0935%
Advanced Alchemist Volume 69 0Recipe Book0.0935%
Unswerving Hammer (Adept) 65Spell Scroll0.0935%
Ro's Blade V (Adept) 67Spell Scroll0.0935%
Mortality Mark IV (Adept) 67Spell Scroll0.0935%
Maul V (Adept) 67Spell Scroll0.0935%
Oration of Sacrifice (Adept) 65Spell Scroll0.0935%
Blessed Weapon V (Adept) 66Spell Scroll0.0935%
Terror Chant V (Adept) 69Spell Scroll0.0935%
Medusa Gaze VI (Adept) 69Spell Scroll0.0935%
Advanced Woodworker Volume 67 0Recipe Book0.0935%
Hostage IV (Adept) 65Spell Scroll0.0935%
Plague VI (Adept) 67Spell Scroll0.0935%
Advanced Jeweler Volume 65 0Recipe Book0.0935%
Mesmerize VI (Adept) 66Spell Scroll0.0935%
Geotic Rune V (Adept) 68Spell Scroll0.0935%
Shift Mana V (Adept) 69Spell Scroll0.0935%
War Cry IV (Adept) 66Spell Scroll0.0935%
Malice VI (Adept) 69Spell Scroll0.0935%
Earthen Avatar VI (Adept) 66Spell Scroll0.0935%
Paranoia VI (Adept) 69Spell Scroll0.0935%
Precise Strike IV (Adept) 68Spell Scroll0.0935%
Alin's Serene Serenade IV (Adept) 66Spell Scroll0.0935%
Ancient Teachings of: Jewelers Volume 6 0Recipe Book0.0935%
Blighted Horde IV (Adept) 65Spell Scroll0.0935%
Intimidate IV (Adept) 66Spell Scroll0.0935%
Killing Instinct III (Adept) 67Spell Scroll0.0935%
Controlled Rage IV (Adept) 68Spell Scroll0.0935%
Advanced Armorer Volume 65 0Recipe Book0.0935%
Juggernaut (Adept) 65Spell Scroll0.0935%
Shattered Earth IV (Adept) 67Spell Scroll0.0935%
Immobilizing Lunge V (Adept) 69Spell Scroll0.0935%
Undead Knight VI (Adept) 66Spell Scroll0.0935%
Harmony V (Adept) 69Spell Scroll0.0935%
Ring of Ice III (Adept) 68Spell Scroll0.0935%
Jester's Cap (Adept) 65Spell Scroll0.0935%
Disorientation V (Adept) 69Spell Scroll0.0935%
Grim Harbinger V (Adept) 66Spell Scroll0.0935%
Stalk V (Adept) 70Spell Scroll0.0935%
Advanced Armorer Volume 68 0Recipe Book0.0935%
Penance VI (Adept) 68Spell Scroll0.0935%
Daring Advance V (Adept) 69Spell Scroll0.0935%
Ice Spears VI (Adept) 69Spell Scroll0.0935%
Hymn of Horror III (Adept) 68Spell Scroll0.0935%
Warring Deities IV (Adept) 65Spell Scroll0.0935%
Advanced Armorer Volume 66 0Recipe Book0.0935%
Gushing Wound VI (Adept) 68Spell Scroll0.0935%
Call to Arms V (Adept) 65Spell Scroll0.0935%
Ranger's Blade V (Adept) 66Spell Scroll0.0935%
Snap of the Wrist V (Adept) 68Spell Scroll0.0935%
Holy Salvation III (Adept) 69Spell Scroll0.0935%
Raging Blow VI (Adept) 66Spell Scroll0.0935%
Depressing Chant V (Adept) 65Spell Scroll0.0935%
Antagonize V (Adept) 67Spell Scroll0.0935%
Inner Calm V (Adept) 68Spell Scroll0.0935%
Blessing of the Paladin IV (Adept) 66Spell Scroll0.0935%
Bladeweaver V (Adept) 69Spell Scroll0.0935%
Innoruuk's Caress VI (Adept) 66Spell Scroll0.0935%
Advanced Sage Volume 69 0Recipe Book0.0935%
Advanced Woodworker Volume 66 0Recipe Book0.0935%
Calm Tranquility V (Adept) 65Spell Scroll0.0935%
Virtue IV (Adept) 68Spell Scroll0.0935%
Tease IV (Adept) 66Spell Scroll0.0935%
Ancient Teachings of: Alchemists Volume 6 0Recipe Book0.0935%
Thorncoat VI (Adept) 66Spell Scroll0.0935%
Villainy V (Adept) 69Spell Scroll0.0935%
Retaliate III (Adept) 68Spell Scroll0.0935%
Hunker Down V (Adept) 69Spell Scroll0.0935%
Judgment VI (Adept) 69Spell Scroll0.0935%
Savage Ruin V (Adept) 69Spell Scroll0.0093%
Spinechiller Blood VIII (Adept) 67Spell Scroll0.0093%
Chilling Claws V (Adept) 68Spell Scroll0.0093%
Vine Net VII (Adept) 66Spell Scroll0.0093%