A Mark of Awakening  

This quest is given by An Exiled Droag ( -130, 78.4, 1064 ) who is down a climbable wall on the Drednever Crash Site island in The Bonemire. It is a lengthy signature quest with a Fabled reward. You must be level 60+ to receive this quest.

The first order of business is to find and read the book of Sacrifice in the Sanctum of the Scaleborn. This is located at -101, 66.76, -34.23 . This will give a new quest The Book of Sacrifice that you must harvest an unhatched dragon egg. This is also in the Sanctum of the Scaleborn within the Reservoir of the Wraith near 82, 39, -166 . After harvesting the egg you must go back to the book and place it on top of it. You can then read the book and get your update. (As of 10/28/2013 a gathering skill of 1 is required.)

The next step sends you to the Palace of the Awakened in The Barren Sky to find another book - the Book of Power.

You must first touch the book at -43, 57, -7 (on the third floor) and this will give you a new quest The Book of Power, which will send you to find the key to unlock the book. You can find the key at 44, -0.12, -101 (ground floor).

Then you need to find Book of Trials. This is in upper area of The Halls of Fate in The Bonemire at -19.9, 2.35, -96.87 . Obtaining it gives a sub-quest to find a fallen adventurer. They can be found at -3, -53, 270 in the Halls of Fate.

Return and read the Book of Trials. You must then complete four trials, which are accessed by speaking to the Keeper outside the entrance to the Halls of Fate and clicking on the orb that appears:

Trial of Alacrity: Invis to the last room and clear it. This initiates a ring event. At the end of the ring event is a named mob who will complete the trial.

Trial of Endurance: In this trial make your way down until you see a blue column. There will be spawns of level 4x 68 ^ mobs. Clear these for approx 15-20 rounds and eventually 3 named mobs will then spawn up above. The first wave is 3 68 ^^ mobs. Kill these and a named 71^^^ will spawn up top near the door. Kill him to complete the trial.

Trial of Spirit: This is a solo task, similar to the Trial of Harclave. Click the statue and you will be turned into a dragon. Clear the mobs in the room to initiate a ring event. At the end a 70 ^^ dragon will spawn. Kill him to complete the trial.

Trial of Leadership: This is an epic x 4 epic raid instance.

Once all the trials are completed, speak with the Keeper outside to claim your reward.

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