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Zone:Trakanon's Lair
Possible Classes:Warlock
Difficulty:^ ^ ^ Epic x4
Classifications:Biped, Draconic, Dragon, Nocharm, Nodrag, Organic, Sentient, Terrestrial, Warmblooded
Grants AA

This is one of the top three most difficult strategies to execute in ROK. This fight is all about lots of DPS and getting Trak in the right spot. You have 13 minutes roughly to kill Trakanon and in that time you have to cure one dot with potions and one with healers, die as little as humanly possible but he has nice shineys in his toy box so its worth it.

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Known Info

The Trak pull is like parking a mac truck pulling a house. He is very difficult to get in to place. But there are a few tricks to getting this pull smooth. The most important of which is AE immunity on your tanks. There is only one safe spot in the lair and that is covered in the diagram below. You will need noxious cure potions. It is completely worth is to die to Mark of Repulsion once, so folks see what happens when they are not paying attention and to get a screen cap of the detrimental effect so you can post it up for the raid force to see, or you can just send them all here and look at the image provided.

Melee Abilities

  • 95% Slashing
  • 5% Focus

Healing Abilities

  • 100% Consume Soul

Non Melee Abilities

Arcane Aura of the Wyrmlord
  • Arcane Aura of the Wyrmlord (buff on Trakanon)
When Trakanon takes damage, players have a 10% chance to be hit with Pestilential Pause. Low damage for 10 seconds, all spells take longer to cast, and are half effectiveness, attack speed is reduced This effect cannot be removed. Also, This buff gives Trakanon a 2% to will heal himself for 2% of max health.

Dragon Hide
  • Dragon Hide (buff on Trakanon)
Reduces all damage done to Trakanon by 10%.

Hardened Constitution
  • Hardened Constitution (buff on Trakanon)
The Examine says it all.

Remarkable Agility
  • Remarkable Agility (buff on Trakanon)
The Examine says it all.

  • Prophetic Scrutiny (single target)

A single target spell interrupt. Every time you start to cast a spell you will be hit with Prophetic Bolt, low damage and interrupts casting. So when you see this detrimental stop casting.

  • Prescient gaze (debuff on all players at all times)

This causes all players to mana burn, using health whenever they use mana. It also causes players to have prescient intervention cast on them 8% of the time they try and cast a beneficial spell. Prescient intervention interrupts the spell they are trying to cast, and stifles the player for 2 seconds, and does a minor damage to your power amount.

Mark of Repultion
  • Mark of Repulsion (On one player at all times)
This spell will go off at some random time, never less than 30 secs after it was placed on you. It has an hourglass icon. When it goes off that player will be hit with static repulsion, a targeted AOE that WILL knock back all players within 22m of the person who had Mark of Repulsion on him/her. You are NEVER protected from this knockback, even if near the orb. You must move away from your raid party so as not to endanger them with your Mark of Repulsion/Static Repulsion combo.

  • Static Repulsion (31 second timer)
This timer is very useful if you get you swipes in the person that is marked has some time prior to this hitting so they can stay in until called out.

  • Arcane Maelstrom (3.5 seconds after static repulsion hits)

AOE heat damage, does damage to a random item in everyones inventory, and does massive MAGIC BASED health and mana damage UNLESS you are close to the orb.

Toxic tempest
  • Fetid Cloud (periodically no timer)

Disease based damage This must be cured immediately. If you have Toxic Tempest still on you when fetid cloud hits you, you will take aditional massive poison based health damage.

Toxic tempest
  • Toxic tempest (periodically no timer)

Poison based health damage to all players. If you have fetid cloud on you when Toxic tempest hits you, you will take additional massive disease damage as well. Toxic tempest slows your movement.

Seer's Judgment
  • Seer's Judgment (periodically no timer)
    • Damage type: Poison.
This is cast on players periodically and you just need to stop casting or you will kill yourself to death.

Tail Lash
  • Tail Lash (periodically no timer)

High Damage, knock back with an area of effect stun. Does not hit if the raid is in the 14 meter protective area and under Trakanon's right haunch, or as we like to call it the standard dragon fighting position

  • Cure Noxious

Strategy Overview

Tips & Tricks

  • Every person in the raid should eat the faction food that deals damage when you are hit.. All 24 raiders are going to be beat non stop with AoE's and with only 800 seconds any extra dps can help.
  • Shaman Group wards ward against the mana drain.. It won't stop it, but it will help alot. (This is a mana intensive fight)
  • All Clerics need Steadfast to counter act the constant interrupts.
  • If you go down into the lava, it is important not to move. If you don't move, you won't take lava damage. This may buy us an extra 10 or 20 seconds.
  • Learn how to control your knockback so you can stay in the orbs protection and live through it.
  • I is recommended to have a designated rezzer for the people that get knocked back and killed. (as long as they are not to far from the orb protection. This part gets kinda tough)
  • I don't know to much about healers dpsing, as an Inquisitor I turned on my auto attack and left it at that.. there is no time really between healing and curing to do real DPS or wasting your mana trying.
  • Turtle shell on the pull.. Trak AOE's our face right off the bat.
  • Orb clicker be on the ball
  • Put your Detremental effects window in the middle of your screen and always look for the yellow hourglass and move as soon as you get it.
  • Have a reminder in vent asking who has it next, as the hourglass is always on someone.

Note: 13 minutes after the raid fight begins, the platform you fight on begins to lower into the lava. This takes about 20-30 secs, after that time you will be forced to fight trakanon in the lava, and it won't likely work well for you. If you hop away from the platform.

Here is the damage break down by the minute, I start at 12 minutes to build into the target room for a few deaths this break down has helped us push the dps as well as tells us if we are on target to win or we should wipe it and start over. The target DPS on Trakanon is around 32,000 raid wide damage per second

  • Mins / Heath Percentage
    • 12 100%
    • 11 91%
    • 10 82%
    • 9 73%
    • 8 64%
    • 7 55%
    • 6 46%
    • 5 37%
    • 4 28%
    • 3 19%
    • 2 10%
    • 1 1%
    • 0 Dead!

Heal Strategy

Tank Strategy

DPS Strategy

Special Team Strategy

Encounter Diagram

Encounter Video

Raid Groups

Group Setups
Main Tank Support Tank Melee DPS Caster DPS
Berserker Shadow Knight Guardian Ranger
Dirge Dirge Dirge Troubador
Coercer Coercer Illusionist Illusionist
Warden Assassin Brigand Swashbuckler
Defiler Mystic Bruiser Warlock
Templar Templar Inquisitor Inquisitor
NOTE: All strategies are written up with the group setups used to beat these encounters at the time and while the specific classes used are not required the general roles that they fill are.


Trivia In the time of EverQuest, Trakanon was an undead dragon. Today he seems very much alive.

Trakanon is the immortal ruler of The Ring of Scale.

ZAM credits Ghosts of the Jaggedpine & MMO-Strategist for the original information in this guide.

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