Rise of Kunark Raid Quest Series  

Once you are level 80, inspect a battle site in the Foot of the Fangs area on the north side of the City of Mist to start the first quest in the Rise of Kunark Raid Quest Series, The Fate of Norrath.

This series takes you and your guild through the raid zones in the Rise of Kunark expansion in a progressively more difficult fashion, moving from the easier zones to Venril Sathir's Lair and Venril Sathir, the Arisen Emperor of the Sathirian Empire, until you finally enter Veeshan's Peak and face the master of The Ring of Scale, the Undead Dragon, Trakanon!

Rise of Kunark Raid Quest Series
1The Fate of NorrathTairiza the Widow Mistress - Pawbuster - Imzok's Revenge
2The Amulet of DrolakisEmperor Venril - Overking Selrach
3Into the Bowels of the BeastThe Leviathan
4The Secret of the Stone
Sub-quest:Taking on Trakanon
Kluzen the Protector - Elder Ekron - Nexona - Druushk - Taskmaster Nichok - Milyex Vioren - Qunard Ashenclaw - Xygoz - Hoshkar - Travenro the Skygazer - Silverwing - Phara Dar
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