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Zone:Ward of Elements
Difficulty:^ ^ ^ Epic x2
Purpose:Corrupted Elder Elemental Dragon
Classifications:Biped, Draconic, Dragon, Hoverer, Nocharm, Nodrag, Organic, Sentient, Warmblooded
Grants AA

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Main Information


Quick 'n Dirty Strat

  • Stick to MT; stay away from tail
  • Cure your own elemental detrimental
  • If you're cursed and you're not a healer or MT (Main Tank), it's usually going to be too bad for you, and you'll need to wait patiently. Healers need to stay on MT (Main Tank) because Aiden's attacks hit like trucks (heavy damage).
  • Covering the poison portal is top priority
  • Burn adds (addtitional mobs within the encounter) when Aiden is gone, but when Aiden returns, focus more on named.
  • If a portal is active and you have a rock in your hand, you can try to place it and block it. Just don't eat the beam.

In Detail

First off, get someone to be dedicated rock miner. Wizards / warlocks are probably the best for this, maybe summoners too. Only providing dps isn't significant enough for this fight. Everybody has to concentrate on multiple tasks. Miners worry about gathering rocks and where to place them, while everyone else works on aggro control, healing, power regen, and DPS (damage per second).

You will need a coercer to stay with the raid for power regen on the healers and main tank, so they can't.

All jobs are equally important in the raid since there's only two groups, and everyone will need full attention on this fight.

They will need to stand on the top / edge of the room so they can quickly get a head start on grabbing the rocks. If they jump down before the mob is pulled, they'll just get teleported back into the room, wasting valuable time.

When jumping down there, you need to jump on the fire tornadoes, landing dead center to get the full bounce. Since you'll have featherfall, you'll need to press the spacebar down to speed descent any time when necessary. Don't hold it when landing on the portal or your bounce will go to waste.

If you screw up landing on the tornadoes, there are a few portals on the outer edge of the pool that you can click to get to the beach. On rare occasions there will be tornadoes that will bounce you up a little if you swim into them. You don't want to mess up this part though; it may cost your raid a wipe.

The most important portal to block is the poison / green portal. Why? The nox detrimental that comes with leaving the portal open is the nastiest of them all.


Click to mine a rock to put it in your inventory.

Once in your inventory, drag the item's icon onto your hotbar so it is readily clickable. This is important.

You can only hold one "magic rock" in your inventory at a time, so you need to place the other one on the ground. So, as you're running toward the next rock, click the hotbar icon to drop the one in your backpack. Then mine the next rock and leave it in your inventory. If you don't have "line of sight" of the rock you're trying to mine and you're standing inside the one you dropped, simply step out of the rock.

Now that there's 1 in your inventory and one that has been dropped in front of you, click the one you dropped - it should be movable like when you mess with house items. If you need to adjust your camera, just use the right mouse button; it won't cause you to accidentally drop the rock in your hand.

Head toward the tower until you reach the magma and you should see some fire tornadoes. Jump onto one, aiming for the DEAD CENTER of it for a full bounce. Again, don't mess up the jumping because it may be all that will be needed to wipe the raid.


Stand with the main tank; Aiden doesn't frontal (deal an AoE coming from his front side), so you should be fine. If you stand behind Aiden, his tail will swat you around.

Everyone who is on Aiden should be burning as fast as possible. If your dps is too low for too long, once the rock supply is out, you're probably going to get screwed. That should be like 10 minutes into the fight though. With TSO raid gear, this named is a piece of cake.

If adds come when Aiden flies up into the air, burn those adds as fast as possible, but go back to Aiden if he flies down. Adds don't do much damage, so just fire off those AoE's while on Aiden whenever they're up.

If someone is cursed - in most cases, they will just have to tough it out. Especially if out of range of the healers. Aiden's attacks hit like trucks. Any time spent not healing the tank is time wasted and could cost you a lovely wipe.

Rinse and repeat! As long as everyone does their job, the fight will be easy.

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