Frozen Statue of the Snowbeast  

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Zone:Icy Keep: Retribution
Faction:Maidens of E'ci
Possible Classes:Coercer
Difficulty:^ ^ ^ Epic x4
Grants AA

Also known as The Yeti Who Never Dies.

The Yeti needs to be killed three times. He has frontal which means you need to have everyone who might pull agro standing in front of him, otherwise it might stun the raid. He will also memwipe every so often.

His adds are just tank and spank.

When you have killed the yeti first time, he will flop and spawn two adds. You have to have an off tank grab one add and pull it 15 meters away. Burn the adds and the yeti will unflop with reduced health and you will have to burn him down again.

When you have burnt him down again, he will spawn 3 adds and flop. Pull 2 adds away and burn each one in turn.

He will heal on last time, but as this time, it is just a simple burn.

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