Khost Alur  

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Zone:Ward of Elements
Difficulty:^ ^ ^ Epic x2
Purpose:Corrupted Elder Water Elemental
Classifications:Golem, Humanoid, Living, Noblooded, Nocharm, Nodrag, Old World, Organic, Terrestrial
Grants AA

Game Update #51
Elements of Corruption
Live: March 31, 2009
<Corrupted Elder Water Elemental>

This is the second named mob that we encountered in the Ward of Elements raid zone. Unfortunately, we didn't kill him, but we did get a basic strat down, which I will now share.

Firstly, make sure everyone in your raid (except the MT) has Cure Arcane potions. The reason you need these will be explained later.

Secondly, you must kill all of the mobs in the room. Najenaar hydroblight's and Najenaar souselord's come linked. They also have nasty AOE's, so make sure your raid force are as far away from them as possible. It would also help to make sure these mobs have their backs to your raid. The Najenaar Tempestcaller's aren't linked to the named and are easy to kill, so deal with those too.

Thirdly, the water damages you. From the room entrance, you need to clear both sides and then head right. Near one of the Najenaar Tempestcaller's, you will see that there are rocks to get across the water. Also, you will see three pillars. One of these is on the entrance side of the room, the other two you have to cross the water to get to. Have 1 DPS stand near the entrance pillar and the rest of your raid force use the rocks to get to the other half of the room.

Finally, now you're all positioned, you can pull Khost Alur. He is a bit of a complicated named, and as mentioned, we didn't kill him. However, the basic strat is this:

  1. When you pull Khost, you will get an on-screen message about energy fluctuating between the pillars (or something like that). Everyone needs to check the pillars (which is why you left a DPS on the other side of the room). You should see the following:
    1. Non-active pillar.
    2. Active pillar.
    3. Active pillar with purple light at the top.
  2. Move Khost to the pillar with the purple light on it. The reason for this is he has a buff which makes him immune to all damage. This pillar will dispel that, but it will also buff him so he does more damage. He also has a massive, single-target knockback he likes to proc on your MT, so make sure the MT has his back against the pillar.
  3. Everyone needs to watch their detrimental effects windows. If they have an Arcane DOT on them, they must use a potion to kill it off. The MT will be cured by a healer. This is because the detrimental effect will AOE the raid whenever someone casts a magic damage spell, or a debuff spell. Combat arts seem unaffected.
  4. The pillars will change randomly after approx 25% to 30%. So, keep an eye on where the purple light has moved to and drag Khost over to it. His massive damage buff will drop, but his immunity buff will come back up until he's moved.

That's basically it. We got him down to around 30%, and then had massive LD's within the raid. So the strat appears to be sound, but needs a little fine-tuning. Please add to this as more information is discovered!

This mob drops Helm molds for T3 Void Shard armor.

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