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Shaped Imbued Cloth Blouse 32Armor 
artifact high magus blouse 5Armor 
Fulginate Devout Cuirass 40ArmorCrafted, Quest Item
Skyfire Robe of the Tempest 76Armor 
Pirate's Tunic of the Gambler 6Armor 
Wanderer's Robe of Storms 16Armor 
Emperor's Breastplate of Light 71Armor 
Apprentice Tailor's Tunic 25Armor 
Robe of the Ocean's Serenity 1Armor 
Planar Knight's Breastplate 90Armor 
NPC Natural 010 medium cuirass 10Armor 
Imperial Breastplate of Grace 56Armor 
Devout Breastplate of Communion 20ArmorCrafted
Ancient Tunic of Knowledge 76Armor 
Glacial Breastplate 17Armor 
tailored augmented tunic 38Armor 
Skyfire Tunic of Battle 76Armor 
Hauberk of the Boarfiend Thug 90Armor 
shaped imbued boiled tunic 20Armor 
Draconic Breastplate of Light 80Armor 
Breastguard of the Bellicose Protector 60ArmorPurchased
Tailored Laborer's Vest 1Armor 
Scintillating Silk Robe 80ArmorPurchased, Crafted
Ferrite Melodic Coat 70ArmorCrafted, Quest Item
Thimzem's Breastplate of Undeath 33ArmorDropped