a vial of fiendish blood  

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a vial of fiendish blood
A vial of fiendish blood; you feel the beast inside you being drawn out as you look into the blood. A merchant might pay a few coin for this item.

NameLevelZoneGrants AADrop Rate
Asajj An'duuth44-46   ^ ^ ^ HeroicRivervaleNo25%
An Anchor Reconditioner50   v   to   ^ ^ HeroicThe VestibuleNo25%
A Lamia Savage39-40   ^ ^ Heroic   to   ^ ^ ^ HeroicRivervaleNo25%
A Lamia Deathcaller42-43   vRivervaleNo25%
Verishu39-40   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Thundering SteppesNo25%
A Lamia Soulsiren39-40   ^ ^ HeroicRivervaleNo25%
A Lamia Assassin39-40   ^   to   ^ ^ ^ HeroicRivervaleNo25%
Zhroska L'starnavia40   v v vRivervaleNo25%
Countess Satrinah42   -The Forbidden SepulcherYes25%
A Disciple Of Shadow46   ^ ^ HeroicThe Obelisk of Lost SoulsNo25%
A Succubi Defender40   v v vRivervaleNo25%
A Lamia Intimidator40-42   ^RivervaleNo25%
Ethruia Aj'dora40-42   ^ ^ HeroicRivervaleNo25%
A Lamia Oppressor40-42   ^RivervaleNo25%
A Lamia Deathcaller42-43   ^ ^ ^ HeroicRivervaleNo25%
An Anchor Reconditioner48-50   v   to   ^ ^ HeroicThe Obelisk of Lost SoulsNo25%
A Lamia Medicia40-42   ^ ^ HeroicRivervaleNo25%