Tinkerfest Blueprints 1.0  

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Tinkerfest Blueprints 1.0

Introduced in 2009, this scroll requires 25 Tinkering skill to scribe. The combines are skill level 125, and each requires one Shiny Tinkerfest Cog.

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Items in Scroll

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Elaborate Tinkered Chest
Green Clockwork Lamppost
Green Mechanized Lamppost
Ornate Gold Gear
Plain Tinkered Chest
Red Clockwork Lamppost
Red Mechanized Lamppost
Rusty Tinkerer's Lantern
Tinkered Carbonite Divider
Tinkered Gold Divider
Tinkerer's Bed
Tinkerer's Bookcase
Tinkerer's Fancy Chair
Tinkerer's Lantern
Tinkerer's Long Bench
Tinkerer's Mechanokinetic Sconce
Tinkerer's Mining Lantern
Tinkerer's Mining Sconce
Tinkerer's Mug
Tinkerer's Ornate Chair
Tinkerer's Piezoelectric Sconce
Tinkerer's Round Table
Tinkerer's Short Bench
Tinkerer's Worktable
Occurs annually in late summer.
(Introduced in 2009)

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