Tinkerfest Blueprints 3.0  

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Tinkerfest Blueprints 3.0

Introduced in 2011, this scroll is purchased from Myron for 10 Shiny Tinkerfest Cogs. It requires 25 Tinkering to scribe.

This scroll will give a variety of recipes for Tinkerers to make.

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Items in Scroll

Corragulated Floor Plating
Empowered Mana Battery
Extensible Ceiling Light
Flanged Rhodium Widget
Highly Fortified Control Room Door
Illuminated Port Plate
Rhodium Floor Plating
Riveted Floor Plating
Rusty Floor Plating
Tinkered Distillery Column
Tinkered Distillery Furnance
Tinkered Distillery Pipes
Tinkered Fan Blades (Active)
Tinkered Propellorator
Tinkered Recharging Station

Occurs annually in late summer.

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