Chestguard of Enigmatic Sacrifice  

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Chestguard of Enigmatic Sacrifice
+40 sta   +45 wis
15% Multi Attack Chance
10.3 Critical Mitigation
4.9% Spell Weapon Multi-Attack Chance
2.9% Potency
2.4 Spell Weapon Damage Per Second
4.9 Damage Per Second
4% Crit Bonus
Chain Armor (Chest)
Defiler, Inquisitor, Mystic, Templar
  • (3) +75 Ability Modifier
  • (6) onDamageSpellHit this spell has a 1% chance to cast Enigmatic Protection
    Wards caster against 225 points of arcane, elemental, noxious, physical damage

Archonix wrote:

Just a heads up in regards to a change planned to help alleviate the issue with leather/chain legendary set pieces dropping when a druid/shaman isn't in attendance. We're removing both the Wayward Moon and Enigmatic Sacrifice sets from the drop tables, and replacing them with a Sylvan Moon and Cabalistic Sacrifice set. These sets will only be usable by Fury/Wardens and Defiler/Mystics. None of the existing items will be changed, they will just cease to drop after GU47.

For those interested in swapping out their old Wayward Moon/Enigmatic Sacrifice sets for the new Sylvan Moon/Cabalistic Sacrifice sets please seek out Joonius Khristus at Terens Grasp in Kylong Plains.

Allakhazam credits this post by Archonix at the SOE Official Forums for some of the info in this article.

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