Cloudy Velium Jewel  

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Cloudy Velium Jewel

February 22, 2011

Sell this item to relic seekers throughout Velious to raise your faction by 500 with their clan.

They are awarded by each public quest once per day and will be automatically added to your currency window when you loot the reward chest for participating.

These vendors sell faction for Cloudy Velium Jewels:

  • Gargan: Thurgadin Relic Seeker 1353, -540, 509 in Great Divide
  • Mul-Bak: Ry'Gorr Relic Seeker -682, -341, 2765 in Eastern Wastes
  • Topi: Othmir Relic Seeker -1347, -534, -2142 in Great Divide
  • Herrga: Snowfang Gnolls Relic Seeker -904, -522, -2083 in Great Divide

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