Clan Brokenskull  

The Pirate Flag of Clan Brokenskull
In a constant battle with the other factions of the Moors of Ykesha, Clan Brokenskull aims to take the island once and for all.

Clan Brokenskull's principal enemies in the region are Clan Grobb, the Survival Accord and the Guktan Guard.

And, of course, everyone hates the undead Ykeshans.

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Faction Considerations

For those who wish to pursue this faction, there are a few steps you can take to make it easier. First and foremost, it should be obvious that you should skip any quests that task you with killing Brokenskull members. These include quests given by the gnomes at the launch pad and faction quests given by the opposed factions listed above. Next, there are starter faction quests given by Clan Grobb (Making an Ally of Grobb) and the Guktan Guard (Endear Oneself to Tupta) since players start out hostile to these factions. It is wise for the Brokenskull aspirant to avoid doing these starter quests until after they've completed whatever level of Brokenskull faction work they wish. The reason for this is that killing the hostile members of the Guktan Guard and Clan Grobb will boost Brokenskull faction, and even after driving these two factions down to -50,000 the starter quests will suffice to bring both of them back to non-hostile levels. However, once they're done, using Clan Grobb and Guktan Guard targets to boost Brokenskull faction will make recovering those factions much more difficult. Once the starter quests have been completed, the only way to boost Brokenskull faction without damaging other useful factions is to kill thousands of Ykeshans or The Warlord. There are no currently known faction quests available for Clan Brokenskull.

In a very unfair turn of events, the illusions that Fip Marrsquire gives you for use during the quests Soko-what and A Higher Purpose will block faction gains for Clan Brokenskull but will not prevent permanent faction loss from killing members of the clan, so don't think that you can don the illusions and kill with impunity. The Brokenskull Illusion that Fip gives you at the conclusion of A Higher Purpose has no effect on your Brokenskull faction.


So far, there is no known Faction Merchant for Clan Brokenskull. In Salty Sail Port (found at -864,-1087,1043), there is a mender, Thulgo, along with a general goods merchant named Crusty Cxyia and a fellow named Salty Jotz. Once you're reached apprehensive faction or better (greater than -20,000), Salty Jotz will offer to sell you A Pirate's Tale which offers the quest A Pirate's Tale. Thulgo will acknowledge you once you've reached indifferent (greater than -10,000). Crusty Cxyia will allow you to shop once you're kindly (greater than 20,000). Note that Fip's illusions will set your faction to 10,000 when you use them, which will allow you to interact with Salty Jotz and Thulgo.

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NameLevelZoneGrants AA
A Brokenskull Deckhand77-78   Moors of YkeshaNo
A Brokenskull Deckhand77-80   Moors of YkeshaNo
A Brokenskull Handler77-78   Moors of YkeshaNo
A Brokenskull Handler1   Moors of YkeshaNo
A Brokenskull Handler77-78   Moors of YkeshaNo
A Brokenskull Mate76-79   Moors of YkeshaNo
A Brokenskull Mate76-77   Moors of YkeshaNo
A Brokenskull Officer77-78   Moors of YkeshaNo
A Brokenskull Officer78-80   Moors of YkeshaNo
A Brokenskull Shipwright79-80   Moors of YkeshaNo
A Brokenskull Swabber77   Moors of YkeshaNo
A Brokenskull Swabber77-78   Moors of YkeshaNo
A Void-touched Brokenskull78-79   Moors of YkeshaNo
A Void-touched Brokenskull Mate80-82   Moors of YkeshaNo
A Void-touched Brokenskull Officer80-82   Moors of YkeshaNo
A Void-touched Brokenskull Swabber80-82   Moors of YkeshaNo
Brokenskull Dockmaster79-80   Moors of YkeshaNo
Brokenskull Dockworker79-80   Moors of YkeshaNo
Brokenskull Extractor80   Moors of YkeshaNo
Brokenskull Fisher79-80   Moors of YkeshaNo
Brokenskull Striker79   Moors of YkeshaNo
Brokenskull Wench1   Moors of YkeshaNo
Captain Reezz Seablood78   Moors of YkeshaYes
Captain Skullcleave79   Moors of YkeshaNo
Captain Wavesmasher82-80   Moors of YkeshaYes
Crusty CxyiaMoors of YkeshaNo
Deckhand Vixil1   Moors of YkeshaYes
Gunthak's Shanty Lookout79   Moors of YkeshaNo
Head Groomer Marrithex78   Moors of YkeshaYes
Junka Bloodocean79   Moors of YkeshaNo
Mate Thugurg79   Moors of YkeshaYes
Momo79   Moors of YkeshaNo
Petty Officer Vyile80   Moors of YkeshaYes
Petty Officer Zugtaz77   Moors of YkeshaYes
Pumtog79   Moors of YkeshaNo
Quartermaster Stumps78   Moors of YkeshaYes
Quartermaster Thumpstomp1   Moors of YkeshaYes
Shipwright Ythkaz79   Moors of YkeshaNo
Sunza Bloodocean79   Moors of YkeshaNo
ThulgoMoors of YkeshaNo
Wayward Brokenskull80   Moors of YkeshaNo
Wayward Brokenskull80   Moors of YkeshaNo