EQ2 Vendors  

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Vendors sell various supplies and items.

  • Alchemist - Potions and Poisons
  • Ammo - Ranged weapon ammunition (arrows, shurikem, throwing axes, knives)
  • Armor - Cloth, Leather, Chain and Plate armor, although not usually all from the same vendor
  • Bowyer - Bows and other ranged weapons
  • Combat Arts - Skill upgrades for Fighters and Scouts
  • Containers - Bags and Boxes so you can carry more items
  • Provisioner - Food and Drink, and sometimes supplies for other provisioners
  • Quartermaster - A merchant for a faction camp. He will not deal with you until you reach a certain level with his faction (usually 40,000), but afterwards he will usually offer provisions, ammunition, some general goods and a few special items you can only get from him.
  • Spells - Spell upgrades for Mages and Priests
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