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This article explains the bare minimum basics of page editing. It is not intended as an exhaustive resource, nor will this article fully explain even a single aspect of wikicode. This article contains simple notes on the most commonly used elements of editing. for now...

For a complete and fully detailed description of all aspects of editing, consider reading the Mother of All Editing pages at A portion of that information is shown here, with adjustments for our content.

Text Formatting

How to: Text Formatting
Type Code Example Result Result / Explanation
Bold text
Text Creates Bold Text where you need it
Italics text
Text Creates Italics Text where you need it
Bold & Italics text
Text Creates Bold & Italics Text where you need it
1 blank line forces a line break. To work, the line must be truly empty. a blank space is considered not-empty!
2 blank lines forces a paragraph break. Same caveat as above.
New Line
Line 1<br>Line 2 Line 1
Line 2
Indent : : IndentThis is a non-indented paragraph and a short paragraph too
This is a Indented paragraph and a short paragraph too
Blockquote <blockquote> <blockquote>text here</blockquote>
Indents both margins and does a few other things depending on the stylesheet in use
To remove the space around a bulleted or numbered list inside a table add "no-margin-list" to the css class.
For example, the first line of your table: {| class="datatable no-margin-list"

How to: Text Formatting Part II
Type Code Example Result Explanation
Bulleted List * Text
* Text
** Text
  • Text
  • Text
    • Text
Creates a bullet point list
  • Where you need one
Numbered List # Text
# Text
## Text
  1. Text
  2. Text
    1. Text
Creates a numbered list
  1. Where you need one

Type Code Example Example
Standard Links [[page name (gameid)]] [[Help (Rift)]]
a standard link requiring no extra effort
Renamed Links [[page name (gameid)|custom name]] [[Help (Rift)|Hello Zammies]]
Hello Zammies
A link for a page where the page name and the actual thing being described are slightly different. This is common for articles where the full name has a preceding insignificant word, such as A, An, or The, or when the pagename is singular and you want the link to display as plural, or vice versa.
Link to Database
Wiki Article
[[gameid dbname:pagename|displayed text]] [[EQ2 Zone:Thundering Steppes|The Thundering Steppes]]
The Thundering Steppes
This is the generic link style for a Wikibase page that is attached to a database record. The precise format can vary considerably by game.
Direct Link to Headers [[page name (gameid)#Header|displayed text]] [[Quests (WoW)#Repeatable, Daily, and PvP Quests|Daily Quests]]
Daily Quests
A link to a specific section of another Wiki page or the same page but to jump to a specific header, with a different displayed text. Useful for pointing to sections of other pages by their named headings.
Categories [[Category:category name]] [[Category:Planning]]
Places the current page into a category.
Renaming Category Link [[Category:category name|alternate page name]] [[Category:Help Pages|New Editors]]
[[Category:Help Pages|New Editors]]
Places the current page into a category but specifies that this page should be sorted slightly different than the page name would suggest. This is very good when linking a template to a category of templates, so that they do not all sort under T for template!
Link to a Category [[:Category:category name|displayed text]] [[:Category:Help Pages|More help pages]]
[[:Category:Help Pages|More help pages]]
Places a link to a category rather than placing this page in that category!
Insert Wiki Article
into an Article
MediaWiki calls this "transclusion", but on ZAM only pages in the Template: namespace may be transcluded.
Redirects #REDIRECT [[any_link]] #REDIRECT [[More Accurate Pagename]] redirects any user trying to link to this page, sending them to the page named by any_link, which can be any of the link types above. This should be the only thing on the page, but anything else will be dropped anyway. If the destination link is to a Category page, the word Category must be preceded by a colon (:), otherwise the redirect page will be placed in that category. This actually could be useful behavior in some situations.
Any letter, or word, up to the next white space, that is contiguous with the link will be wrapped as part of the link, so [[Wombat|wombats]] and [[Wombat]]s would render identically, as Wombats.

Type Code Example Example In-Action Explanation
External Link [ Google] Google The first string of code is the url, leave a space between the url and the renamed link, you must replace any spaces in the url code with the appropriate html code for whats missing to keep it uninterrupted.


Type Code Example Result Explanation
1st Header ==Header==

This is the largest header you can use in a wiki article
2nd Header ===Header===


This is the 2nd largest header you can use in a wiki article
3rd Header ===Header===


This is the 3rd largest header you can use in a wiki article

Magic Words

Type Code Example Explanation
Page Name
(Without Prefix or parenthesis)
{{PAGENAME}} Help for New Editors includes the name of this page, without any prefix or parenthesis.
{{NAMESPACE}} Help The name space this page resides in, usually denoted as a prefix
(With Parenthesis)
{{PAGENAMENS}} Callings (Rift) includes the name of the page your on, with any parenthesis.

Page Formatting

Type Code Example Explanation
Horizontal Line ----
Wiki Horizontal Line
Horizontal Line <hr>
HTML Horizontal Line



Our Example Table
Col. 1 Column 2 Col. 3
item column width defaulted to ~60% item

The code that made the table above:

{| width="100%" border="1" cellspacing="0"
|+'''Our Example Table'''
! width="20%" | Col. 1 
! Column 2 !! width="20%" | Col. 3
| item 
| column width defaulted to ~60% || item

Table Breakdown

Code FragExplanation
{|Begin a wikitable. many of the standard options found in a HTML table tag can be used here.
|-Row break
! width="20%" |Header with options
!!Header break on same line
|New cell
||Separate cells on the same line
|}End of table

Calling for Help!

There are a few templates that are designed to get the attention of an Admin. Notice that gameid is required, or else the system does not know which admins to notify.

  • {{AdminNeeded|gameid|put reason here}} will put a link to a category that is watched by the Admins and one of them will check out the problem as soon as they see it.
  • {{AfD|gameid|put reason here}} will put a link to a category requesting an Admin to remove the page you put the tag on. If the admin does NOT delete the page, they will remove the AfD tag.

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