Freeblood (EQ2 Character Race)  

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Racial Information
Starting Cities
Good: Kelethin or New Halas
Evil: Gorowyn or Neriak
Starting Attributes
ClassesScout, Mage
ProfessionsAlchemist, Sage
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Racial Traditions

Announced as part of the Velious Winter Rewards promotion, little is known about the Freeblood.

The Freeblood will be available for purchase on the Marketplace in late December 2010. They are also an award in the Velious Winter Rewards promotion (see link for details).

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Unlock: Freeblood costs 2000 Station Cash, and is available only via the Station Marketplace. Unlocking the Freeblood race on either Live or Extended unlocks it for both services on the same account. [1] Accounts which qualify for the February part of the Velious Winter Rewards program will be granted this unlock on their account. [2]

Race Changes on EQ2X

It is important to note that the Freeblood is not subject to the same rules as the existing Race Packs. In order to use a Race Change potion to convert to a Freeblood, you will need to have first purchased Unlock: Freeblood on the Marketplace.[3]


One of the special features of the Freeblood is a Racial Trait, “Reveal Inner Self,” which lets the character change from attractive to demonic in appearance. Another Racial Trait, "Bloodletting," grants a minor Lifetap spell to occasionally drain health from targeted enemies.

The Freeblood have three Marketplace items exclusive to their race. These are available individually or as part of an accessory pack, and may only be seen and purchased by a Freeblood character.

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Customize Your Inner Self

To customize your "Reveal Inner Self" appearance[5] :

  • Go to see any Barber NPC in the game.
  • Turn on your Inner Self illusion.
  • Then purchase a "Shave and a Cut" item from that Barber.
As long as you're in Inner Self form when you do this, you'll be able to customize its appearance this way.


See: Freeblood Vampire Lore


Check out the playable Freeblood Vampire race in EverQuest II.


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