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Guide To HO's

HO Course: Part 1

Course I - Basics

This course will give you a basic understanding of heroic opportunities.

Section A

The icons (fighter) (scout) (priest) (mage) will begin a heroic opportunity (HO).

These can only be used after a hostile action has been taken against an enemy by any person in the group and ends when the encounter finishes. If you use this when someone else is attempting to start a HO, you will break that one, and yours will start. If you use this when the HO wheel is already in effect, it will do nothing. These moves take time to recast, so be careful not to waste them when you want to use them.

Section B

The starter chain determines which players will join in the chain.

This is the HO window after a priest begins a HO. The center icon indicates that a priest began the chain. The two on the side are the choices of abilities to use next. From here, a priest could cast a smite spell, or a scout could use a coin skill. If smite is used, the priest will begin a solo HO, and the wheel will open. If the coin is used by a scout, then a priest + scout duo HO will start.

Trio HO’s require three steps to initiate the wheel, allowing all three to join in. The four player HO requires yet another step. The priest can’t start any trio HO’s, and only the scout can start the four player one. Mages can’t start any trio HO’s either. Scouts can’t start any duo’s.

Section C

The wheel determines which HO is being attempted.
This one is Ringing Blow, one of the scout’s three solo HO’s.

When all the steps in the starter chain are taken, the HO wheel will open up, randomly picking one out of the set that you pick when you choose which classes join in. Solo HO’s have three per set, and the rest have four per set. However, expect to see only two of the solo ones, and three for the others, because the remaining ones are always very rare. They are always very good, but you shouldn’t expect to get them regularly.

The blue line indicates the time that the party has remaining to finish the HO, before it is failed. It lasts 10 seconds. The center icon tells you whether it is an ordered sequence or not. This is technically an ordered sequence, but it’s pretty hard to put one move out of order. In an ordered sequence, you have to use the move at the top of the wheel before any other move will register. Following that, the next one clockwise needs to be used, and so forth until the last move is finished. In a non-sequenced HO, the moves can be completed in any order.

Note that if your move misses or is resisted, it will not count. (For advanced players) If you have trouble hitting, activate one of the level bonus buffs from two of the fighter duo’s, or from the scout or priest’s solo.

The last person is the one who actually casts the HO effect. He or she will be the beneficiary of any single target buff, or will be the one dealing the damage (and the associated hate) to the target. In sequenced HO’s you’ll know who will be the last. In non-sequenced, you can decide who you want to finish it. This is also important if you use the orange damage numbers to view effectiveness. It is easier to see what happened when you finish it.


Blue icons are fighter abilities.
Scout abilities are green.
Priests use the yellow ones.
Mage icons are red.

HO Course: Part 2

Course II - Techniques

This course will give you a basic ability to complete and start heroic opportunities.

Section A

The icons used in HO’s.

When you hover your mouse over, or examine one of your moves, you will see one of these icons. That means that when you use that move, it will activate that icon in the HO. If it is part of a starter chain, then you will join in. If it is part of a wheel, that step will be completed.

It’s very important to memorize which moves are represented by which icons. Relying on blinking cursors won’t give you the opportunity to predict which move you’ll need to do next, and you may waste your only available move before it’s your turn if you don’t predict well.

Remember that the effectiveness of your HO relies on the level of all skills used in all parts. Don’t use weak moves to do any step. This includes flipping the wheel (see below).

Section B


In course I, you may have noticed the coin icon hanging out by the bottom of the wheel. This means that a scout has the ability to reroll the wheel. This is important because the wheel that you get is random (out of the set), and you may not like the one you get. There is still the possibility that it lands on the same one again, but that’s luck for you. Don’t waste flips trying to get rare HO’s, as they are simply too rare.

When the coin icon is absent, that means that the scout can’t flip the wheel over. This happens after anybody has completed any of the steps, or if it has already been flipped. It’s very important that scouts communicate who is using the coin, or you will end up using it at the same time, and waste your chance to flip it. It’s also important to tell your group which HO’s you don’t like, so they won’t start it before you get a chance to switch it.

Section C

Combos. Use this chart to pick which set you want to use. There are 15 sets.

Miscues if your group doesn’t have a mage

If you’re a priest, and fighter starts HO, don’t use smite.

If you’re a priest, and a scout starts HO, don’t use heal. (If you don’t like it either, /feedback)

If you’re a fighter, and a scout starts HO, don’t use taunt.

HO Course: Part 3

Course III - Specifics

This course is the list of all common heroic opportunities. The rare HO’s are omitted to reduce clutter and to make it easier to learn.
Section A (Solo)
ClassHO NameEffect
FighterSky CleaveDirect Damage
 Crushing AnvilGroup Direct Damage
ScoutRinging BlowDirect Damage
 Swindler’s Luckskill level bonus
PriestDivine JudgmentDirect Damage
 Inspiring PietyDirect Damage + skill level bonus
MageArcane FuryDirect Damage
 Arcane StormGroup Direct Damage
Section B (Duo)
ClassHO NameEffect
FSLuck’s Biterandom high or low Direct Damage
 Swindler’s Giftgroup skill level bonus
 Ardent Challengestr and agi buff
FPDivine BladeDirect Damage
 Crippling Shieldreact slow
 Divine Nobilityregen to priest’s target
FMScholar’s InsightDirect Damage + skill level bonus
 Storm of AncientsDirect Damage + slow
 Arcane Aegisprotect vs crush/magic
PSPiercing FaicaptionDirect Damage + agi debuff
 Divine TrickeryDirect Damage + divine/pierce debuff
 Fervent Quickeningdefense and power pool buff
MSArcane TrickeryDirect Damage + pierce/magic debuff
 Trickster’s Graspdot
 Resonating Cascadepower regen
MPSuffocating Wracaptiongroup Direct Damage + arcane stifle
 Arcane Chalicegroup healcaption and power heal
 Celestial Bloomheal to priest’s target
Section C (Trio)
ClassHO NameEffect
SFPVerdant Trinitygroup heal
 Nature’s Growcaptiongroup regen
 Capricious StrikeDirect Damage
SFMTrinity Dividegroup pierce + taunt
 Soldier’s Gambitrandom high or low Direct Damage
 Grand Proclamationgroup power pool buff
FPMArchaic RuinDirect Damage + arcane/slash debuff
 captionunder SlashDirect Damage
 Arcane Salvationgroup power heal
SPMBreaking FaicaptionDirect Damage + divine/arcane/lightning debuff
 Archaic Shacklessmall group Direct Damage + snare + slow
(SPMF)Luminary Fategroup power regen
Section D (Four Player Combo)
ClassHO NameEffect
SFPMStrengcaption in Unitygroup str/agi/wis/int buff

Ancient DemiseGroup Direct Damage + Magic Debuff

Tears of LuclinDirect Damage

Course IV - Communication
This course will help your group know what your intentions are, and what they should do to help.
You will also know common miscues that occur.
Section A

Before you start a HO, you should let your group know what you are attempting, and indicate when it's going to happen. Without doing this, others in your group may break your chain, or take the chain in the wrong direction. This is very common when priests are trying to heal, tanks are trying to taunt or when they are using their kick ability regularly. It also happens when players get greedy and steal the wheel for their own ability. So let your group know exactly what you want, and with luck, they'll listen.

The first line of your macro should tell your group that you are attempting a HO, and possibly describe which one you hope to get. For instance, a fighter could call **attempting buff**, and try for the fighter/scout HO. In that set, you are very likely to get a buff. Others may be **attempting direct damage **, and so forth. You can also try for a specific HO from the set, such as resonating cascade. Letting your scouts know what you are looking for gives them the ability to flip it if you don't get it, and informs them not to flip it if you do. It also obviates to your group what is going on.

The next lines of your macro should be direct commands of what needs to be done, or common mistakes that need to be avoided. If a priest's healing will cause a miscue, then tell them to not use heals for moment. Be clear (I say /gs DONT USE -heal- DONT USE). If you want a fighter to advance the chain with a taunt, say so (I say /gs USE -taunt- USE).

Don't put /useability Heroic in the macro because you won't give your group time to react. Plus this allows you to prompt your group before the mob gets there or while another HO finishes, for rapid progression. Wait about three seconds after you hit the macro until you use the heroic starter. This gives your priests a chance to stop healing/smiting, your fighters to stop kicking/taunting or scouts/mages from doing any coin/lightning abilities.

If you are a mage, and your group is using the four person HO, you may want to create a macro for when you are starting to activate the flame as the last step in the starter chain. After the flame is cast, the 10 second timer starts ticking away, so letting your fighters and scouts know when you're actually about to cast let's them be prepared to start those long ordered sequences.
Section B
Multiple scouts

When you're using duo's involving scouts, the coin icon will always activate it. This can create a miscue if both or multiple scouts are all trying to use coin at the same time. What happens is that the first one who hits coin will activate the HO successfully, but the second one will waste the coin flip immediately.

You should designate who's going to activate the duo's, and who's going to do the flipping.

Course V - Bonus
This course lists the rare heroic opportunities.

(F)ighter Hero's Armor ac buff
(S)cout Bravo's Dance haste
(P)riest Blessing of Faith power pool buff + power regen
(M)age Arcane Enlightenmentpower pool buff + reactive (?) + power regen
FSRaging Sword haste + direct damage + taunt
FPChalice of Life doubles heals, wards, and regens
FMSoldier's Instinct haste
PSFaith's Bulwark haste
MSShower of Daggersdd proc
MPAncient's Cruciblehp + power pool buff, hp + power regen
SFPShield of Ancientsgroup mitigation buff
SFMAncient's Embracereactive direct damage proc
FPMAncient Wrath group stun + proc stun
SPMCrucible of Life hp + power heal, reactive heal
SFPMPast's Awakeninghp + power heal, group direct damage

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