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The following are special City Tasks, available to guilds as they progress, that are designed to help new guilds learn how to raid. All of these are x2 raids, that is, they are designed for a raid force of 12 players.

Speak to Royal Accountant Fowler in Qeynos Harbor, or City Registrar Glamis in East Freeport to obtain these quests. A door next to the Portal Master will take your guild to the quest zone, eliminating the need to travel.

You may enter the special instances for these raids by traveling to the zone entrance, or you may speak to the Portal Master standing near the quest giver and click on the door next to him to travel instantly to the entrance.

These quests do NOT require that every member of the raid force have the quest, or even be in the same guild, but the following rules DO apply:

  • At least one player must be from a guild that is eligible for the quest and has all the pre-requisite raid quests done. That player must be the one to use the Portal/Door and zone the raid in.
  • If the raid force is of mixed alignment, there must be at least one person from Qeynos, and one from Freeport, who is eligible for and has the quest (in other words, has done any pre-requisite quests first so they can get the one). One of these 2 must use the Portal/Door and zone the raid in.

You must complete the Raids in order as they become available, then you may go back and repeat them as you please.

  1. Guild Level 5: A Bold Confrontation
  2. Guild Level 10: A Daring Confrontation
  3. Guild Level 15: A Gallant Confrontation
  4. Guild Level 20: A Noble Confrontation
  5. Guild Level 25: A Heroic Confrontation
  6. Guild Level 30: A Lordly Confrontation

Molds and patterns drop on these raids; examine them for a quest to see a City Quartermaster and receive a piece of armor.

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