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Containers are stuff that hold... stuff. There are special containers for the broker and to carry ammo. For a list of containers by size, try our Advanced Item Search.

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General Purpose Containers

These hold anything, and will work in any regular inventory, broker, vault, or bank slot. You can find them on the broker by selecting Advanced Search, Item Type "Bag".

  • Strong Boxes have 100 weight and a large capacity. They're generally used for your bank, broker, and vault, but can be used in your inventory if the weight doesn't bother you. While there are some quested and dropped boxes, all "strong boxes" are player-made (by Carpenters).
  • Backpacks, Rucksacks, Belt Pouches, and Miscellaneous Bags have a smaller capacity than strong boxes but are considerably lighter. They are vendor sold, quested, and player-made (by Tailors).
  • Collectors Pouches at launch would only accept collection items, but now hold anything. They are quested.

Weight Reduction

Some containers have weight reduction, which reduces the weight of the items it holds by the indicated percent. EQII is much more forgiving with strength and carried weight than some games, but this can still be very nice.

Specialty Containers

Harvesting Containers

  • Harvesting Bags only hold harvestables (and the odd formerly craftable drop). They are quested. The biggest and most popular is the Wantia Artisan's Satchel.

Sales Displays

While any container will work in a broker slot, there are specialty containers crafted by Carpenters specifically for the market which have very large capacities and can be placed as furniture in your home. They may only be used in Broker slots. Players can avoid the broker fee by buying directly from these containers.

Player made sales displays come in several varieties for different uses. They are made of rare woods and get bigger each Tier. The largest are made of Mahogany. You can find them on the broker by selecting Advanced Search, Item Type "Sales Display".

  • Armor and Shield Rack: holds armor and shields
  • Bag Stand: holds containers
  • Furniture Shelf: holds house items
  • Jewelry Box: holds jewelry, adornments, transmuted components, and baubles (loosely, baubles are anything that can go in the charm slot). Will also hold any totems with an illusion.
  • Pantry: holds food and drink
  • Potion Cabinet: holds poisons, potions, and baubles, including totems.
  • Salesman's Crate: holds anything, but has a smaller capacity than the specialty containers
  • Scroll Stand: holds spells scrolls, combat arts, books, and recipe books
  • Weapon Rack: holds weapons and ammo
  • Veteran's Display Case is a four-year Veterans Reward with a 40 slot capacity that reduces broker fees by 50%. If you qualify, it's available in your /claim window.
  • Legend's Display Case is a Legends of Norrath loot card with a 30 slot capactify that reduces broker fees by 25%

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Ammo Containers

  • Quivers will fit in the Ammo equipment slot and only hold arrows. They are vendor sold and player-made (by Tailors).
  • Sacks will fit in the Ammo slot and hold all throwing ammo. They are vendor sold and player-made (by Tailors).

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