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Engage in the most exciting and intense PvP battles with your friends, regardless of server! Available for players with characters level 30-90, Battlegrounds provide thrilling group-based, competitive matches in three all-new zones. Quickly join the nonstop action including four different types of matches with up to 48 players total. There is a role for all, no matter the class, each player can support or lead the group to victory and reap the rewards of the Chaos armor sets! [1]

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The Battlegrounds pits players versus other players in unique settings where your team works to achieve the map's goal. Play and team up with players from other servers in the Champion's Respite (introduced in GU60).

Players between levels 30 and 90 are welcome to take part in the Battlegrounds matches. To even the field a bit, all players are auto-mentored down to the lowest common level (30, 40, 60, etc). Matches have no lockout timers, but there is a short no-queuing debuff for bailing on a battle prematurely.

Note that if you play on a server with localized language you'll be restricted in whom you can battle with. The servers can't support multiple languages. For example Valor players can only play against their own server, Storms only against their own server, etc. Extended and Test servers are also restricted to their own battlegrounds.

Battlegrounds Zones

The Frozen Tundra
The Frozen Tundra

Joining Matches

Battlegrounds Queue Screen
Battlegrounds Queue Screen
To enter the queue for the Battlegrounds, zone into Champion's Respite and use the Alt + Z shortcut on your keyboard. This will bring up the queue screen. From here, you have various options: Queue All (will pick whichever zone is ready next), Gears of Klak'Anon, Battlefield of Ganak, The Frozen Tundra and Smuggler's Den.

Once you have chosen which game you want to queue up for, click the Solo button. If you are in a pre-made group, then the group leader will be able to choose to Group instead. When a game becomes available, a dialogue box displaying the game type will pop up, giving you 60 seconds to either accept or decline the game.

If you leave a battleground once inside before the game is over (this can include linkdeath and crashes), then you have a buff called Truancy placed upon you, which prevents you from queuing to another battleground for 5 minutes. Leaving a queue does not negatively affect you.

Tips on how the general play of a specific battleground game is can be found on their zone page. When inside a battleground, the score is in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.


Champions Respite
Champions Respite
These can be picked up from any city or in Champion's Respite by speaking to the Scions of Discord and are identical regardless of alignment. The quest offered varies by day and players are allowed to do one kill count and victory condition quest each day. Each quest rewards a Battleground Token.

In addition to the tokens used to purchase gear, you get a little bit of experience with each match completed--about equivalent to completing a quest.


Battlegrounds gear is either vendor purchased or crafter made. It offers extra effects and stats that will boost your performance in Player versus Player combat.

The purchased gear is available on Scions of War in Champion's Respite. Use your earned Battlegrounds Tokens and some cash to obtain their variety of armor and other goodies.

Armorers and Tailors can make mastercrafted Battlegrounds gear as well. These books are available off of the Far Seas Supply Division merchant in The Village of Shin or from Delvin Hailstorm (added in GU60) at the Thurgadin Exchange inside of Thurgadin, City of the Coldain.

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