GU61 Preview: Beastlord Prelude Event

The first half of the Beastlord Prelude Event will be released with Game Update 61.

Beastlords disappeared from Norrath as the Truespirit, powerful spirit guides, retreated along with the gods. Since the Age of Cataclysm, their power has been slowly re-entering the world, but their very existence is in danger from a corruption called the Blight.

Some spiritually attuned persons have been investigating an emergence of spiritual energies in both Antonica and the Commonlands. Both good and evil aligned players will be taken on a unique adventure to help the Truespirit cleanse the corruption. Discover the remnants of the Cult of Sellok and assist the wise spirits Ilfanul and Ravinus with a ritual that will herald the New Awakening.

The first half of the Beastlord Prelude Event will be available when Game Update 61 goes live on Thursday, August 25th. The prelude's conclusion is anticipated to be released around halfway between GU61 and the Age of Discovery.


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