GU61 Preview: Velious Adventurer Quests

Adventurers will aid Stormfeather's Pride and the Thrael'Gorr Clan in Game Update 61.

For many adventurers in Velious, the Eastern Wastes has seemed like a short venture for questing. With the most recent update this zone will be augmented by two more quest series, which continue the stories of the Goahmari Stormfeather's Pride and the Thrael'Gorr Clan of orcs.

Stormfeather's Legacy begins in Great Divide and is available to adventurers who have completed their gryphon mount quests. Players learn that the Goahmari want to introduce some of their gryphons to the Eastern Wastes and quickly move on to there to assist with the efforts. The wild griffons of the region must be figured out and even helped before adventurers can secure the future of the pride.

Rise of the Thrael'Gorr continues the story left off when the pale barbarian, Ragebourne, disappeared. The Thrael'Gorr orcs are prepared to establish a home of their own but must remain hidden from the prying eyes of Kael Drakkel. Adventurers will speak to their contact in the Ry'Gorr Keep and assist the Thrael'Gorr with the ancient awakened beings, ettin spies and more before becoming a champion to their cause.

These two quest series will be available when Game Update 61 goes live, with an expected release date of Thursday, August 25th.


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