GU61 Preview: Carpenters Get Crafty

In GU61, Carpenters learn the art of creating floor tiles, stone dividers and more.

Since the introduction of floor tiles to the Moonlight Enchantments and City Festival events, Carpenters have been asking for tile recipes of their own. At Fan Faire this request for stone dividers was presented and got a positive response from developers. Also revealed were house signs, which allow players to modify the text to create a custom message for visitors.

Carpenters got their desires and more. Five new crafted dividers will be available, four of which are stone and one with a Halasian-themed wood grain. These recipes were added into the Carpenter Essentials books between levels 3 - 83 and players who have already scribed them will automatically have those added to their recipe book.


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A total of 16 floor tiles, which match many of the crafted dividers, will be released with this update. Like the dividers, the recipes are also available through the levels 3 - 83 essentials books. For any level 90 Artisan who has completed the Fortress of Drunder tradeskill quests, the Relics of Drunder recipe book will be available on Brontis and offers 10 Drunder-themed floor tiles.

Crafted house signs were added to the Advanced Carpenter recipe books between levels 19 and 89. These signs require rare wood components to create. Once placed in a house or guild hall, players can set a short sign name and longer description text (up to ~250 characters).

Another added bonus for Carpenters who have completed Brontis' quests and purchased their class-specific recipe scroll is that two new beautiful house items will be added to their book. A Fan Faire request for fewer orc pictures yielded The Halls of Fallen Guk and Odus Wastelands paintings.

Finally, avid decorators will be pleased to hear that the Housing Directory will be introduced. Players can publish their homes and others will be able to visit and rate them based on Creativity and Style. Higher rated homes will receive awards on the leaderboards and once enough awards are accumulated they may be featured in the Hall of Fame.

All of these recipes will be available when Game Update 61 goes live, with an expected release date of Thursday, August 25th.


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