SOE Confirms Development on EverQuest "Next"

Ten years ago, the launch of EverQuest arguably changed the gaming industry forever. Its combination of gameplay, story and cosmetic appeal was precisely what gamers had been waiting for and would soon be the inspiration for many great, and some not so great games to come. Over the years, Sony Online Entertainment has released a number of subsequent EverQuest games set in the world of Norrath; most notable of which being EverQuest Online Adventures and EverQuest II. While both titles continue to retain an active player-base, lately "Will there be an EverQuest III?" has been an increasingly popular subject. Keep reading for official confirmation that "EverQuest Next" is in development.

Recently, we got our hands on a copy of the 10th Anniversary EverQuest Book written by Rusel DeMaria and Paul Lipscombe. The last chapter of this book is intriguingly titled "EverQuest Next" and was individually written by EverQuest Creative Director, Rich Waters. "As we contemplate future EverQuest games, we have to ask, what does the modern MMO player really want from today's games? What will they want four years from now? Current MMOs are still designed traditionally with a pen-and-paper game feel behind them-lots of stats and numbers, experience-based levels and a focus on auto-attack dice roll combat. Will that work for next-gen MMOs, or do we try something different?" Waters writes inquisitively. Later he mentions how they were "ahead of the curve" with EverQuest Online Adventures for the PlayStation 2 because "few players had network adapters for the PS2, and even fewer knew what an MMO was". It's the final statement of the Chapter that confirms "EverQuest Next", however. "So you can see there's a lot to wrestle with as we begin laying the foundation for EverQuest 'Next.' As I write this, we have concept artists and game designers working hard in our studio-taking the lessons of the past, the best parts of the present and the most promising ideas for the future-to bring the world of Norrath to a new generation of players, as well as the dedicated legions of fans who made the EverQuest franchise timeless. I hope we'll see you there."

Does this mean that "EverQuest Next" will give players an innovative, outside of the MMO box look at Norrath? Is it safe to assume that the next installment of EverQuest will be console bound? Currently, there's not much room for anything other than speculation. One thing is clear though, with a confirmed EverQuest Movie and a new EverQuest MMO in the works, our beloved franchise has a bright future ahead of it.


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I would love to see ever quest next run in full potential !
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I have not seen or heard but was just curious is ever quest next going to have mercenaries. I would

like a game that is self adapting as well. Let me explain what I mean a game that can tell how much

ram you have and utilize potential it to it's full. If I have 4 gigs use it to the point where I can benefit f

rom it; if my brother has 8 gigs or 16 gigs use it where it can be a benefit to him as well. If I have a

single core then the game should recognize this; if my brother has a quad core system then the

game should use all the cores, split the processes. use one core maybe for video, one for audio,

one for background process and the other for whatever.]
Heres what I want to see, from an old EQOA diehard player...
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I would love to see this in the next EQ, I used to play EQOA die hard and I posted this in Nov 2010 on some deserted forum when I quit EQOA for good, the funny thing is, skyrim is almost identical to what I wanted, Heres to hoping someone from SOE actually reads this.

EQOA was one of my favorite games, and probably would still be today if time and money was still being put into it, but as things get old, new technologies come out and new games. I would hate to see this game die here, and not be carried over to a new system, with new ideas and places to explore.

Things I most like/liked in EQOA:

1. The Massive unique world you can explore. Zones were huge and never lacked in the mystrey of each zone. It was so big it would take atleast 30 mins to run from the far east to far west side of the map. Has so many cool towns to explore, many factions to see in action.

2. The Mystrey. Every zone with its own mystries. Every zone, and if given enough money could have been even more mysterious and enjoyable. This game captured an element that is far beyond just good looking zones, it captured a mystrey to each and every zone. You never knew what kind of mob faction you would run into next and what kind of mysterious happens were going on in it.

3. Grouping. The people you would run into would be great to talk to for hours while you xp or do quests that you both were on. Great community, sure there was training but for the most part, it was fun being in these small four man groups for hours to get to know people.

Things I din't like and think lead to bad bumps in the road and failures, or just plain, things they could not fix with this outdated ps2 system.

1. Class Balancing. I have never seen so much constant class balancing in all my life. each month you would have to wonder if your path would be completly differant or your character would be nerfed or not. This lead to some serious insecurity in the players, many questioning weather they should even invest time into thier characters. I think the class changes in the game should have been always a way to improve classes and never ever to nerf them. When I say nerf, I mean where you litterlly reduce damage output for dps, or make a tank weaker, or less power for healers, these things never went over well with the player base. Then there was the issue of almost completly changing a whole class to a new playstyle, such as druids healing path, was changed so drasticly that it created a whole new playstyle. Last thing anyone wants to do is wake up one morning and find out thier path is completly changed. Druid HoT and PoT was nerfed from 500 HoT and PoT to 250 HoT 500 PoT, changes like these cannot happen. They are so drastic it directly impacts the player.

Fix this in any future titles: Give to classes, never take away or change them drasticly. All changes to classes, should be tested on a test server and then released. Not tested after release and then nerfed, sometimes up to half a year to year later.

2. Mysterious ruins left unfinished. Too many ruins and other things would be left out there with no storylines, sometimes negating a whole zone area, sure some things were mysterious, but need some sort of purpose quest wise also.

3. Expanding of content. Content after Frontiers was released was good, but after a bit, there was no new camps to xp at, except for those dreaded eyeball camps for two years straight, There should have been an instant response to this and more new xp camps should have been added to Odus. Content was then added after two years to the mainland of the game, when it should have been added to the expanded area, Odus. The new world was a world of new discovery, to expand on the new world would have been a great bonus to the Odus storyline, instead it wrecked havok on the mainlands feel and storyline, took away from the mystery of the mainland, and made Odus completely worthless to xp on. Add new camps to the new expansions for max lvl players, not mainland areas where sometimes was just outside the front door of cities where a lvl 7 can walk into them.

4. Coaches needed to be direct coaches to where you wanted to go, not ten minutes of trying to coach to an area. Its understandable they did not have the tech to do this, but having city portals would have been much simpler and more enjoyable for traveling.

Next I will tell you what I would like to see in a PS3 or PC version EQOA 2 title.

1. Keep the world huge, massive and without limits, the biggest game world any mmorpg has, put all the expansions like Odus in it, but make them much more bigger, make them the size of the mainland, Most importantly, make it as fun to explore as EQOA was with many varietied camps for max lvl players. Also make it so your preception makes you feel like your really in the areas of the world, like EQOA has captured, a restrictive but not so restrictive camera view (e.g. you cant zoom out so far your tiny, but you can stay feeling like your in the city your walking through, with walls that tower over you).

2. Exploring. It has to be as fun as EQOA's exploring was. Where when you came up to a goblin camp, you had colored myst and eriee music in the background, a sense that you were coming to a place that was light up by colors and magic was going on. Not spooky or depresing, but mysterious and sometimes cult like, Areas that spoke what the faction was. Dark elf cities with dark intentions and alot of shadowing in town, or elf towns with bright tree lamps of fire with an elf mentality to it, Freeport a run down looking desert town. Mor, a town of dwarfs mining and building going on, and lets not forget Highbourne were you felt the feel of the city preparing for something huge. The same thing you captured in EQOA so well on a now outdated system, carried onto a new system with the mindset of the EQOA talent still in it. Not cartoony or like EQ2, but very much EQOA style.

3. Put in the most interactive NPC's you can with voiceovers and body language, make those zones have events and make you feel part of it. EQOA did a great job of this even with stationary NPC's.

4. Mysterious trees with elfs in them, blacksmiths with balls of icefrost that they got drunk and burned up. Spawns you can do like Snowgrin by vox's, add a ton of content. new grinding camps atleast once a month, if your going to make us grind cm's, give us more new camps to be in.

5. Throw in some Unique quest starters once in a while, reward the whole raid, reward everyone in group for things.

The list goes on, but you get the picture. Most of all, It would be nice to have a PS3 or PC version EQOA.

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my opinion on EQ Next and my advice
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I'd like to see the new motion capture tec used in this so if you are a tank you have to fight, casters have to rember patterns to cast spells.

Everyone uses a version of team speek or the one already built into the game so typing is a thing of the past, with this i'd like to have a syntihazizer voice, so when you are a gnome and speek you sound like a gnome.

Also no mercs, where the fun in them?? i seen a lot of clerics drop there class because of healer merc's as if you were not raiding whats the point of being one.

Having a seamless world would be great, no more zoning crashes and places upgraded as you pass them. For e.g a tunnle being built in a hill by some miners as they get ready to open up a new part or add a new expansion.

Also a all in one price that covers everything, a monthy / yearly fee or a expansion cost not both.

With trade skills it would be good if you could make stuff for all classes and races not just your own, have a quest for every other race/ class you whis to make gear for and have less gear drops and more player made gear. If a palyer whants a type of wepon the parts a player made but what makes them special comes from a drop of a mob. Also have gear upgradeable, i know i hate it and so do many others when each expansion we have to get a whole new set of gear. It would be nice if there was a bridging from one to the other. Not like essaces from one expansion then orbs from the next so you have to start again, link them, it may cost more to do but it would make sence that some one some were found out how to do it, or are the races that thick?

Classes all races should be able to be all classes, is this not true in real life? as all the races have intermingled at some time the chances are it would happen with time, if being a monk for e.g is not part of your race / class there should be a penilty, slower advancedment more aa's and a lot more training.

And lastly this new version of the game has been talked about for some time now how about a update on when and if it is still coming?
And are we gong to be able to bring char's across from other EQ's to this or will it be start from scratch?
dual class
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The one thing I'd most love to see in a new Everquest game is dual class. I want to be a Fury/Beastlord!
New EQ
# Aug 28 2011 at 3:35 PM Rating: Decent
I would like to see many different races with their own languages, and their own starting quests and zones. This was one of the best parts of the original EQ in that you could experience a new perspective of the game on numerous characters. This is sorely lacking in new games and the repetition of the beginning experience has seriously impacted the desire to create new characters and appreciate all aspects of the game for a prolonged period of time. Futhermore, it would be great to see each race having to do faction quests to play with other races - much like what EQ was originally rumoured to have been conceptualized as.

I feel that the target locking from EQ2 is a requirement for gaming today. It was lacking in EQ1 and as many of us know/recall it was a real pita.

I would also like to see not only content for solo play but group content, and not group content the way that many new MMO's have created it (aka a group instanced dungeon crawl) with loot that is appropriate for the time and effort to achieve it. Raid content needs to be managed along the lines that it has progressed within new MMO's - the days of requiring a small army (72 plus) or even the current EQ1 raids of 54 persons makes most raid content unachievable for all but the most dedicated players. Smaller raids with loot that is again scaled appropriately.

The ability to PVP at any time on any server would be a bonus. By this I mean that the player can choose to enter a PVP area that is appropriate to their level, or the player can enable a PVP option should they so choose. I appreciate that many do not enjoy a PVP server environment because they face the high level knobs who will sit and camp newbies, but games like RIFT (just an example) have managed the PVP scenario well on PVE servers.

No MMO has achieved what the original Everquest has. EQ1 had everything: content, a large scale world - unlike any game since, community and excitement. While much of the gaming community does not want a game that would be the time sink that EQ1 is/was, most also want a game that forces you to think, to earn rewards, that isn't just a mash buttons as fast as you can to win. There have been many changes that have made EQ much easier to play than it was at release (just say no to corpse runs!) but some components such as exp loss on death could certainly be done away with as well.

Rock on EQ NEXT - I look forward to your release.
My ideas
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My own 2 copper:

I play many MMOs, from UO (2nd age), EverQuest from 2000, and DAoC, SWG (pre and post combat change), EQ2, and WoW from launch. I will say that while EQ has a place in my heart, it relies on other people too much to be able to accomplish much in the way of anything. For those that can only log on for 30 minutes at times, or maybe an hour at most, EQ can be frustrating to play.

Here is what I would love to see:

1) Zoneless world - Check. New Forge Light engine should enable this.

2) Solo Content - Design in the ability of all classes to be able to solo effectively for decent experience. Solo mobs should drop level appropriate loot, or at least loot that's a level or two behind. Occasional group content drop,and extremely raid raid quality drops. This should comprise the majority of non-instance content. Most tradeskill equipment should be farmable here.

3) Group content - Design in group content for all levels. This should be in areas that are instances and non-instanced both. Mobs should drop level appropriate gear of a quality between solo gear and raid gear. Some group content should have raid quality gear drop. Rare tradeskill components are found here

4) Raid content - 2-6 group raids. Drops raid quality gear.

5) Tradeskills - Tradeskills should be useable, and not as grindy as EQ was. Make tradeskills faster to obtain, especially at first. At crafting skills at the appropriate level of character, tradeskills should produce items at the level of group content from items farmed in solo mode, and near or at raid content from group tradeskill drops

6) Crafting components should be tradeable. Most crafted items should also be tradeable.

7) Most items should be tradeable. If they want higher turnover of items, especially for crafted items, perhaps attunable is an answer

8) Faster leveling - A person should be able to level their toon (solo) within a reasonable amount of time at any level. Groups doing group content should get better exp overall...maybe 10-20 percent faster, but not too much faster

9) No level loss. I understand there needs to be a death penalty, but exp loss such that you can lose a level is not fun. Perhaps either cash to "repair", experience debt, or cash to purchase a rez that eliminates experience debt (price based on level) would work.

10) An open UI. The ability of the community to program addons in WoW was a huge success. It also lead to Blizzard improving their own UI by incorporating some of these ui improvement themselves in the base UI. That said, put it under the same conditions as WoW and not allow people to charge for UI addons.

11) A way to catch up. Having to work through 3-4 old expansions just to catch up to the current expansion is a great way to frustrate people, especially new/returning people and those forming new guilds. Unless those expansions expanded the level base of the game, there should be a way (crafting comes to mind) for people to catch up to the current expansion's raiding content without slogging through all of the old raid content. Crafted gear or gear that can be obtained from single group content should be able to catch people up to current content within a few weeks/months of them returning to the game, or them achieveing the max level depending on how much time they spend doing it.

12) For instances, a group finder would be nice (ala WoW), but for there should also be non-instanced group content as well. This could be something like Unrest where people just go in and find a group vs a LDoN group where it's pre-made.

13) Maintain the danger. Have a few dangerous mobs in zones that require a group of average level people to take down. This could be something like Hill Giants in the Commonlands, Holly Windstalker (if she sees you killing wolves), etc that might require a group of people to take down.

14) A HUGE world. EQ and EQII zones are much bigger then WoW zones and it's something I like. Mounts, portals, flight points, PoN books, port potions, etc can shrink the world a bit, but going from one place to another like Qeynos to Freeport by way of land should be just as huge as it is today.

15) Mobs should lose aggro. Mobs should no longer chase people to (non-existant) zone lines. Have them follow for a bit, then give up. In instanced dungeons and raids, they should continue to chase)

16) allow for in-zone rez. Nothing like trying to get to freeport and dying in East Commonlands and getting sent back to Qeynos to frustrate people. Have the person come back at a graveyard within the zone.

17) no corpse runs.

18) no 7 day camps for rare spawns. Sorry, I was part of the last old-school cleric epic camp on Povar. Needing to have people on 24x7 for a week (or two if you had next) to claim the camp was just plain silly. Spawns should be dynamic depending on how many are in the zone, and mobs needed for quests should not be stupid rare. (nothing like killing 50 mobs to get yours to spawn, just to see it stolen from you.

19) make it first to engage gets credit for the kill. Yeah, you can reduce the exp you might get if someone helps out, but having someone come along and KS your mobs stinks.

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My ideas
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I was looking over delphinae's post and while he covers some excellent points one thing I have been thinking about with MMOs is the content of Solo vs Group vs Raid.

MMOs try to either blend the two together or keep them seperate.

What I think MMOs need to do is link them...

lets take gear as an example. currently most mmos have solo gear, group high end gear and raid gear, each offers a new level of power and often dwarfs the latter. yes raid gear should be far better than solo gear but the problem comes with balance. quite simply a character that is raid geared can walk most solo content making it unchallenging and boring.

Games like EQ 2 have tried to blend tradeskill gear in to allow raids to feed solo players with the ingredients to make better gear but that still requires the solo player to have access to a guild and potentially, by proxy, a raid group.

What an MMO needs is content appropriate gear that doesnt impose on the other...

heres my suggestion to the problem.

1st - create 3 different games within one MMO. A solo game, group game and raid game.

Those that solo, experience the game as a solo player. if they choose to group new content is opened up to them with grouping in mind and cannot be solo'd (non of this I can solo on my level 60 necromancer what everyone else needs a group for). Raid content likewise remains exclusive from grouping and solo. characters should not feel compelled to experience certain content by group solo or raid unless their playstyle allows.

2nd - link the experience from one to another.

Everyone can experience solo play and this should be where everyone gets their basic equipment. link it to crafting if need be. Crafting is a good starting point for many characters and is very solo orientated. crafted gear should be the best with only minor legendary exceptions (such as finding excaliber).

Group play is the first incentive to working together. grouping should emphasize this fact. it should not be about what the individual brings to the group, but about how the group works better with that person. groups should have their own teamwork abilities that are seperate to solo. they offer the user little but offer the group much more compared to solo abilities. same with equipment, use rewards that promote group play. Augments and special gear and objects that require a group (thinking siege weapons and 2+ man chariots). augments should be solo usable (as ways to enhance your character further) but with keeping the idea that a solo without can still do the job on a solo mission.

Raid play is the strategy orientated approach to gaming, what a group cannot achieve through skill a raid can through planning and numbers. again promote raid based (and guild based) rewards. raids should reward prestige and achievements over individual gear...

The results

From a solo viewpoint.
A solo player can experience all the content presented. he can casually group when friends and time permit but overall because hes soloed he is no less effective to that group than someone who has grouped his entire career. Raiding is something a solo will never really strive to seek but again if 3 years down the line life changes and he feels the urge to raid he can do so knowing hes not being carried by the raid for having no raid gear. The only thing that will mark him as a new raider is experience.

From a Group viewpoint.
You can solo and group at will. you can find groups from any walk of life and are not restricted by players who have done the same content or have the same level of gear needed to succeed. Raiding might come to you more often that a solo but again your experience is the only detrimental factor. you might bring a bit more group experience to help win the fight than a solo player.

From a raid viewpoint.
Your guild is your home and heart without it you are not whole. everything you raid is for the guild and the prestige of that guild. you can solo and group while the guild is not actively raiding but when the call goes out you are ready to fight at a moments notice. nurturing new members is a simple case of tactics and occasional grouping to get up to speed. when the dragon is slain at the end of a raid, the whole raid (and guild) benefits, no arguments over loot rights or favoratism over one raid or another. everyone had fun and bragging rights and healthy competition remains outside of the guild vs other guilds.

My hopes
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If they do something... I really hope they wont try something like WoW just because its more popular that EQ was.

WoW is soo linear, the Quest in EQ1 ( I didnt try EQ2) were a real Quest that you need to resolve, talk to NPC ... find what the NPC really want and to who you need to give it back...
The tradeskill were 1000% better on EQ...
# Jan 27 2011 at 7:21 AM Rating: Decent
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We want a ramake of EQ1, with AAs, the posibility to give all weapons and armours to our pets pet and some new graphics (no other mmorpg have this feature).

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EQ Next
# Jan 05 2011 at 3:42 PM Rating: Decent
I only hope its not for pc and console.I don't want to play a game that is made for the hackand slash world of console gamers.Look at DCUO and see what I mean.
Get rid of patches and zoning
# Dec 09 2010 at 11:19 AM Rating: Decent
There are only two things in EQ I don't like.

1) Patches - Why don't you do like the utility industry and convert your servers/network to High Availability computing? It is just flat silly that you make your workers come in and do maintenance windows and force your customers to go hours without access. Use clusters, redundant networks, etc. If nothing else install two sets of servers. You can fix one set while the other is being used by customers. Then you can just swap the network connections. You may be down for 5-10 minutes during the swap. From your perspective it will mean happier customers, no more embarrassing extensions, and did I mention HAPPIER CUSTOMERS!!!

2) Zoning. Nothing makes me madder than being near a zone line and getting trained because someone wants to make me suffer for their mistake. If you want to make the world seem huge, then just make it huge. I know zoning was a technological necessity when you first made the game, but there are many technologies available now that make zoning pretty much obsolete.
Awesome can't wait
# Nov 23 2010 at 8:25 AM Rating: Decent
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EQ - will always luv it
EQ2 - Good game now but not enough people playing as it started badly

keep it on PC, the console will drag it down (Example: FFXI & FFXIV)

Wish List "Everquest NEXT"

1.) Firstly keep the EQ design,
what I mean by this is the layout with area's like crushbone etc were great but just need a face lift now. Also make sure the character models are not too cartoony. For instance I luv the Luclin models, especially the Iksar and Ogre. If the graphics are better with the same look would be great.

2.) Keep the Race culture please,
I loved in EQ how each race started in its own area and had its own culture and own newbie area. I think this was important to get a feel of your own race before you branched out.
It also gave a sense of coming home when you went back to your own city.

3.) keep the world big,
After all it's should be virtual world, not a port and quest port and hand in etc type scenario.
For me EQ started to go downhill with POK. Keeping the number of ports down, meant the following happened in the game,
* The world felt huge
* little communities started
* The journey to other continents was awesome, I still remember the boat rides
* Things can happen when you have to journey to other places on foot :)

4.) keep the game unpredictable,
One of the main things I love about EQ you never knew what was going to happen next.
EG the following things are a few to name
* some high level mobs walking around in low level areas
* you could fall and die, surprisingly I was playing a new MMO and you could not even fall of anything?
* Traps, falling through floors etc, to bad things below. I remember one place you could lock yourself in a jail if you shut the door. Then had to kill a mob nearby to get the key to get out again.
* unrest, needed a magical enhanced weapons to kill certain mobs
* some beggar I remember if you hailed him, he called to the guards that he was been attacked and the guards would come and kill you.
* Dangerous mobs in cities, I've noticed most mmo are to safe and it's impossible to die in a city at all. I liked how EQ had mobs or other factions in city that would attack you onsite.

5.) faction was great,
I like how there was good and evil in the game but say you were evil and wanted to get in a good city. You still could do this by earning good faction and then could be in that city etc without getting attacked

6.) Item Deterioration and no bind on equip,
I prefer not to have item Deterioration or bind on equip, I like the way you could get say an awesome sword and hand it down to your other alt's. you could also sell it or buy another and it kept its price. Part of why I feel the EQ economy was the best of any MMO I've played.
Also I like the weapons that you got that you had to level and they changed form and stats as you used them more

7.) keep the graphics looking real,
It's part of what I love about EQ, things look real and not Cartoony. I didn't like the later skins in EQ for Ogres etc, the Luclin ones were the best IMO.
Also I love the diversity of graphics in EQ. you go to a place and it has that feel about it. A desert feels like a desert, a wood feels like a wood at unrest I can feel the undead and hear their low murmurs.

8.) Keep Mystery, don't duplicate though out the game
Every city in EQ feels different and has its own feel
little things make the difference, for example: walking through a grave yard and reading cool stuff on the grave stones or while fishing it says you spill you beer while bringing in your line.
I also like how you need do certain things to make some things spawn. They are not obvious at first.

9.) keep level low to start maybe 40
I would prefer more fun in the game than a levelling race.

10.) Class diversity,
keep the classes different and exciting.
I haven't seen a decent Necro since EQ, I also though the Bard was very good and original with the twisting of songs.
Enchanters were gods and druids were epic

11.) Keep integrity in the game,
Things like, Don't make it easier to level after 12months, when the current player base has levelled up on hard over the last 12months etc.

12.) Keep your same character,
A big one for me is also being able to keep your same character. I like to create just one character in the game but I like to play a lot of different classes.
I think you should be able to chance classes on your character without losing you current class level.
This makes sense to me as you don't have to duplicate the same common things for every character you make. for example swimming
once you have levelled your swimming up etc, I don't want to do it again (how boring)
I have already done it. So it makes sense if you can keep the same character but can also start levelling up another class.

13.) keep some solo content,
I do group and have been in guilds on different MMO's
However, often I don't have 8-10hrs to put aside for raiding. I am sometime on for that time but could be afk 30 times during that period.
I think there should be skilled challengers for solo players as well that give you good rewards.
An example of this was creating some of your own armour by handing in different items obtain from soloable mobs in the Ogre & Iksar low level areas. This sort of content was cool.
I also liked the combination of grouping and isolation in EQ. I could group and have awesome fun but could also go to area's that I was completely on my own. which gave a real sense of being in an actual world.

I think it's great they are going to make "Everquest NEXT". I love EQ but it's in need of a face lift and new engine. Time has moved on and the technology demands it.

The great EQ deserves the best
# Oct 25 2010 at 10:55 PM Rating: Decent
I started playing EQ in 1999 and switched over to EQII on its release date. I have thoroughly enjoyed the game and would welcome the next version. I think it may be time for the pendulum to swing the opposite direction and have players slow down and not have everything given to them out of convenience.

A couple of posts down, someone mentioned world travel. I for one don't mind hoofing it to where I want to go. I believe players (people) in general have become too impatient and slowing down travel may add to the over all experience of the game. EQII was simply stunning when it came out. Now, most of the land is missed due to the ease of the global teleporters.

I do like the instances, however I believe there are not enough contested Mobs in EQII.

Armor and weapons should be progressively more appealing to the eye. In the beginning, rusty swords should be "rusty" and armor should look crappy.

Perhaps the sound of the player's movements should be based on the quality and make of his/her armor. A pair of rusty tin pants should shound like you are walking in a trash can.

Bring levitation back... I totally miss it in EQII

More Guides and GMs... it really says your proud of your game when employees of SOE and volunteers are socializing with the players.

Please, no motorcycles, dunebuggys, shotguns, etc....

Now, as far attracting players... please advertise! I have converted WoW players on my own just by briefly describing the game. EQ is far superior, tell someone about it! Hell, hire Mr. T and give him his own frostfell grenade snowball!

Thank you

EQ3 Whiners...
# Oct 14 2010 at 9:40 AM Rating: Decent
You people that keep saying "I know Sony won't take my advice, but..." are all tools (for lack of a better word). Of course SOE has people on staff that read through blogs and forums. They certainly do have ongoing lists of suggestions that customers have made, and I'm sure they objectively take these ideas into consideration when designing and updating games. They are the founders of online gaming (at least through Verant), and they still make the best, most addictive games of all time.

Post your damn suggestions and look forward to the new game being released. If you are anti-Sony or anti-EQ for whatever reason, then go play some halfass knock-off like WoW with the other newbie gamers. I've been playing EQ since it's release in 1999, and personally, I can't wait to see how they improve one of my favorite games of all time!

Oh, but one suggestion Sony; please remember that most of us players live in the EST (timezone), so stop making your patches go until 3PM for us on my one day off a week >XO

# Oct 13 2010 at 4:44 PM Rating: Decent
Isn't it about time the PC told the games console to go and er... hang itself? Everyone knows the PC outstrips the console in every category except cost... oh, yeah, wait. The money men just stepped in and screwed us all. 'Course, money means more than everything. Silly me. Money > Life. Bloody accountants. Greed. What a wasted society we have.


EQ Next? Nah. Not needed. Just make EQ2 better. And, as has been said already, A D V E R T I S E. Jesus, EQ2 over here in Blighty is practically unknown.
# Oct 14 2010 at 8:07 AM Rating: Decent
You people that keep saying "I know Sony won't take my advice, but..." are all tools (for lack of a better word). Of course SOE has people on staff that read through blogs and forums. They certainly do have ongoing lists of suggestions that customers have made, and I'm sure they objectively take these ideas into consideration when designing and updating games. They are the founders of online gaming (at least through Verant), and they still make the best, most addictive games of all time.

Post your damn suggestions and look forward to the new game being released. If you are anti-Sony or anti-EQ for whatever reason, then go play some halfass knock-off like WoW with the other newbie gamers. I've been playing EQ since it's release in 1999, and personally, I can't wait to see how they improve one of my favorite games of all time!

Oh, but one suggestion Sony; please remember that most of us players live in the EST (timezone), so stop making your patches go until 3PM for us on my one day off a week >XO

# Oct 05 2010 at 12:56 AM Rating: Decent
EQ Next I'm looking forward to it. I spent time in EQ1 and EQ2 and WOW and other ones in beta.

What I didn't like in WOW is the class normalization. Every class was made to do equal dps even the heal classes. The no zoning is real nice except for dungeons and the other side of the world.

In EQ1 I liked having the spell bar where u can only have 8 spells at a time ready. EQ2 and wow theres just to many abilitys and spells available. Zoning and Crafting was a pain to me in EQ1. Planes of power made getting around much to easy.

I don't like to pvp and changing class in a good game to fit in to the pvp aspect I didn't like in WOW. Wait this class gets owned in pvp, bam its changed now so in PVE the roll it played is changed.
# Oct 03 2010 at 8:12 PM Rating: Decent
I would just like to say IF SOE is serious about another EQ, there are some things that I would like to suggest. At least for those people getting ready to leave WoW because they are tired of being bored by the same ol'thing over and over again. Only this time it's in a new box.

1. Get rid of the loading/zoning. NO one wants to wait on that crapp when your out questing, unless it's a dungeon.

2. Keep EQ3 exactly same as EQ1 (aside from the zoning BS). I have played/beta'd every MMO since UO and the EQ1 is perfect otherwise. An engine update would be nice too.
(I personally like training, I enjoy watching people rage out. It's good entertainment.)

3. Keep all raids, raid level with appropriate raid loot. Extremely Rare loot, should not be easy to get, or nearly given away. ALL uber gear is EARNED via serious gameplay.

4. Expansions only need to happen on a 12-18 month basis. No one wants to get uber gear and then have an expansion totally negate it 3 months and 10 more levels later. Half the fun is talking smack about it around the water cooler at work for a couple months.

5. NO ONE wants to level a character 80+. What's the point? At what point is "ok, that's enough levels."

6. Incorporate a similar WAR/AoC pvp system for those that don't want to PvE all the time. PvE & PvP should affect world allegiances causing alliances to shift with exapnsions.

7. Limit world travel. One of the things that Blizzard did was they made world travel easy and you could get anywhere quickly. If SOE does this then the world will not feel as big and people will get bored. Some places should only be accessible if you walk, run, ride, or fly manually. Half the fun is adventuring.

8. Use social marketing and advertise, advertise, advertise. That is the real reason Vanguard died. Absolutely beautiful game, but no one played it. Most serious mmo gamers didn't even know about it.

9. Did I mention advertise. Social marketing? CLOTHING? Create HYPE!

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# Sep 12 2010 at 10:41 AM Rating: Default

What kind of name is that ? Really smed that's worse than the card game ? is this going to be a browser game ? or ....


GiVe YA the low down to compete into days market of mmo, wow is for the losers on old dells make it scaleable so it can run on the pos dell and look like crap too

but also attract all the high end mmo gamers aion is a good example of how your next eq needs to look to be successful

Go Rent that Crytek 3 engine and base this eq on that and beyond that dont ***** over your 12 year old player base granted there's not much left of them after your horrible neglect of the game



I believe smed can deliver another whopper like the card game that sucked

FTP Browser game ?
EQ next
# Sep 05 2010 at 8:15 PM Rating: Decent
I have played EQ for the most of the time its been out. I have played WOW--left it because of the cartoonish as well as the child like interface, not to mention the mentality of the player there was well below the level I wanted to play with. I have also played Star Wars, Vanguard, D&D, and few others. I always found myself coming back to the original EQ because it still offered allot over the other MMOs.

I don't want to see another follow the path to end your quest MMO like EQ II, and WOW. Incorporate the open gaming that EQ offers with a fresh graphics look and new engine. I don't want the new game to end up in tunnel vision. Place a bridge in the beginning that takes you to a new world that has never been seen before.

The reason is because Norath has finally succumbed to the ages of strife and war. forcing the populace to flee before it explodes. then you can start off fresh in a new world. So on so on.
My 20 top wish list itmes for Everquest Next!!!!
# Aug 19 2010 at 3:13 AM Rating: Decent
32 posts
I doubt soe will listen and do these things but going to list them anyways.

1) Make it where you die at level 1 you lose exp and have to retrieve your corpse no corpse summoner either that was the fun part trying not to die or coming up with a plan to get your corpse and gear back.

2) This one might be a hard one but some how improve the LFG feature.

3)Lock a combat situation in like eq 2 where if I am fighting a mob solo or in a group no one can come along and kill steal it or loot it's body.

4) I like the concept of Mercenaries as help but they need to be toned down and not be so over powering help yes but not super uber.

5) Make a raid mobs just that require a full raid not one super uber toon or a group of 6 being able to kill it after all it's a raid mob and should require just that a raid of at least 2 or 3 groups minimum to kill it. I would also like to see the group size go from 6 to 7.

6) Make the con system Green no xp, light blue, dark blue, white, yellow and red plain and simple. Get rid of grey it and white look to much the same to confusing.

7)Make harm touch a nuke but not a nuke that does 150 k damage and get rid of the dot effect and make it where it is usable every 3 hours same with pally lay of hands.

8) Advertise advertise advertise advertise advertise advertise

9) Have expansions in the box at stores, digital download.

10) Have expansions come out every 12 to 18 months two times a year for many cannot afford it or have the time or the ability to keep up. Yes I know some liked expansions every 6 months but I think most did not.

11) Fix the bugs and do not ignore bug reports when people are sending them I know no program or game is perfect but fixing it would help.

12) Trade skills are OK but don't try to force people into them and localize some of the stuff to work on them. I do not like having to run to 20 different zones just to find an item kill a mob which drops an item at a rare rate.

13) Lower the price on the augment distiller to remove augments no one wants to pay 5000 or 10,000 platinum to remove one augment distiller form one item, especially if an item can use 2, 3 or 4 augments a piece.

14) I like the floating over your body when you are dead but the timer should really be extended from 5 minutes to 10.

15) I like team speak but a build in full functionally voice in game and maybe a web-camera feature would be awesome as well with the feature of you sending private voice messages to your friends' party members, guilds and raids.

16) Whenever new expansions do come out not only come out with new gear, AA, quests, missions etc but raise the level cap 10 levels at a time instead of 5 just a personal preference.

17) This one is going to cause drama and be controversial. Have a gm in a zone especially hot zones and new zones whenever an expansion is released. I feel if someone trains I realize accidents do happen fine but if someone trains on purpose first time is a warning, second time account suspended for a month, third time suspended for a year and if a fourth suspended for life.

18) Give decent in game gifts not the same one 3 or 4 times over and over. Have good veteran aa that damn jester is nothing but a pure annoyance.

19) Show the server population does not have to be an exact number just have low medium and high that way people can log onto a server knowing their are others to play with.

20) This one again is a personal preference and will be controversial as well. I do not know about anyone else but let's say I am level 61 in the plane of fire their is nothing more annoying , frustrating, an annoyance than a level 85 now level 90 ranger coming in and killing 100 mobs in a 5 minute period to power level someone or just to mess with others when they are trying to work on and build up their toon. I feel someone how if you are beyond the level of a certain zone it either should not allow you in or you should not be able to engage the mobs. I realize people will say I am crazy and people have the right to do this and do that but I am sorry at level 61 when an 85 ranger comes in that just makes me left out and **** off to be honest. I feel this is one of the main reasons many have quit eq along with expansions every 6 months.

I am fairly certain soe will not listen nor consider any of my suggestions. I feel the likely hood of soe listening to me or anyone else on eq is the same as me making a level 1 toon going from level 1 to 90 with 1500 aa in a 24 hour period or better yet me being the next President of Microsoft. I tried though I voiced my opinion so if I am right, wrong or indifferent so be it at least I gave it a try.
My 20 top wish list itmes for Everquest Next!!!!
# Jan 27 2011 at 3:29 PM Rating: Decent
Such changes to the con system etc would be purely cosmetic, and such stringent controls on zone access and mob interaction goes completely against the ethos of EQ imo.

Your 20 wishes lack imagination. :P

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My 20 top wish list itmes for Everquest Next!!!!
# Sep 26 2010 at 2:59 PM Rating: Decent
1 post
I think this 'wishlist' is an invitation to EQ-socialism. Does everything need to be equal and fair? If you ask me, to many restrictions are placed on those that like to actually "roleplay" their characters.

I will admit the zone-hogging, or extremely rude play, or the ivory-tower/stone-throwers that refuse to utilize the /filter command--but ***** about "filthy language" really do get on my nerves; but it is "just a game". Furthermore, with as much content in the game, I just succumb to the /ignore command and find another 'endless' quest to chip away at.

While you can please everyone all the time; I do believe that SONY has done a pretty good job at maintaining itself...the game keeps me coming back from time to time; however its the whiny pus*y sh*theads that keep me leaving.
My 20 top wish list itmes for Everquest Next!!!!
# Aug 23 2010 at 8:08 PM Rating: Decent
Please learn the difference between a brand new game and an expansion pack.
An idea?
# Aug 17 2010 at 4:57 PM Rating: Decent
I am still a regular player of the first Everquest game. It's still a pain to group, you still need large numbers for hard targets and the graphics are one notch above the orginal Pac Man. But I like the game. It's still challenging and is anything but candy coated.

If there is going to be an EQNext, then I would like to see a few things added. Perhaps:

Make raid gear brilliant and glowing with gold graphics. (Weapons and shields too.) Make quested raid gear glow with another color. Make group farmed gear bland.

Make a raid mob's strength based on the numbers of members in a raid. It's no fun when raids are cancelled due to a lack of numbers logging on.

Make it essential to complete quest before the next expansion can be opened. If the above line is in effect then there would be no excuses to not build up according to the lore.

Let mages color code their pet. Let healers be able to run and cast at the same time especially in combat.

Introduce a new PC class, mount, house with each expansion.

I think EQ2 was a big improvement with graphics and gameplay compared to EQ, but I would like a little more challenge per mob. Give trash mobs a chance at a lucky strike, not a timed Death Touch.

Make Shadow Knights run around with a paper bag over thier heads as a helmet.

Allow a separate buff bar for LoN clicky buffs that stack with each other and does not interfere with the regular buffs. I hate the fact that I can only have one dragon tailing me, or one random pet. I bought them all, I want to see them all.

And give the loyal players of EQ and EQ2 something that newbies won't have, and have it connected with the Station Access Panel. Vet AAs, or an above average evolving piece of gear, or a reuseable weapon mold with a bonus exp clicky, a transfer of all claimed loots to be used exclusively in EQNext.

I like Sony games and have been to 2 Fan Faires. I would like to see them 'One-Up' Square/Enix.... Just a thought.
EverQuest Next?
# Aug 08 2010 at 5:06 PM Rating: Decent
I, personally, do not like the idea of another Everquest. It will cause Everquest2 (the Everquest game I play) to die out, like Everquest2 did to Everquest1. I agree with Toughrodger, there should be more advertisements and attempts to fixing bugs in the game. A movie, a tv series, commercials. Anything works. Everquest2 has appealing artwork. Anyone I have gotten to try it out, loves it. Maybe make more house items in game. Different designs for clothing, instead of the same things. Have more hairstyles. Have the hair show under the helmet (something i've always wanted. Lol). There are many things SoE could do that appeals to many people. They just have to tweak a few things and get the word out.
EverQuest Next?
# Jul 18 2011 at 2:26 PM Rating: Decent
So... I'll give my two copper here. Some of the folks who started playing EQ near release will agree with me, those who came in later, most wil have no idea what I mean.

Everquest was one of a kind, since the Shadows of Luclin expansion, no game (including EQ) has given you the same experience. Some folks are glad about that, but there are many more, like myself, who have, since then (or within an expansion or two of then) found ourselves wandering from game to game. Where once we were dedicated players, now we.. well we try things out, hoping to find something that gives us that experience again.

What was that experience?

First: It was a world of CHALLENGES. Yeah, it was hard. Back when the level cap was 50, doing Plane of Fear or Plane of Hate.... HARD. Heck, even when the cap was raised to 60 PoF and PoH weren't exactly easy. Most games these days, when compared to that, are easy mode. WoW is Easy Mode from day 1 until you get tired of it and quit playing. THe only way to find a challenge is in PvP. Original EQ, we were challenged without having to kill each other. And, of course, there will always be those people who don't want a challenge, they want easy mode, and for them there's WoW, and a dozen other games. Don't worry about stealing those players, instead, just round up all the people who DO want a challenge, and you'll have more than enough customers to be a success.

Second: It was a WORLD. Not just a bunch of points on a map where the flight paths went to, with a bunch of mostly unexplored area between. I mean, really, I knew every inch of the Karanas, Everfrost, ButcherBlock, etcetc. Mostly because at one time or another I had had to find my way around them. I had lists of /loc's for different points of interest in the different zones. I had seen and explored places and seen wonders the likes of which no game, even with their improved graphics, has ever rivaled. Being in the Oasis, and seeing, in the distance, one of the Sand Giants, slowly striding across the sand, and there I was, level 12 or 14? Something in that range. It was impressive and awe inspiring. Not because it was a feat of graphics, but because, here I am, in a place I belong, fighting things my level, and this.... THING just walks through. Games these days don't wanna do that, because we might be upset. Pffft.... sure running from the giants was occasionally annoying, but it was also a part of the world. In a WORLD things are going to always be nicely segregated for you. There is going to be danger. Oasis was the fastest best XP at that level, but there was a risk.

Which brings me to Third: Risk vs Reward. There should always be rewards for the adventures we take on. Sometimes big rewards, sometimes little rewards, but always rewards. What I'm about to say is gonna be very unpopular. But there should also be risks. In most of these games there is no risk. You might lose a little time having to run your ghost back to your body, but thats all. You might have to repair your equipment a little sooner, but thats all. Thats a load of bull hockey. Give us risks that matter. Give us penalties that we won't want to pay. Make dying have some meaning.

Fourth: Classes/Races. Races, we'll start with that since it's the easier of the two. There should be so many races you can't hardly shake a stick at them all. Each with different advantages and disadvantages. These should be minor, but enough that each one will loan themselves to a different play style. Again, not a massive change in playstyle, but say, two warriors of different races, one who chose his race based on hit point bonuses, the other of whom chose his based on dodge bonuses. Since one already has hitpoint bonuses, he looks for hitpoint gear, stamina gear, etc, to make himself the kind of warrior that simply soaks up damage. The other looks for yet more gear to increase his dodge, parry, riposte, and general avoidance. In the end, both warriors should be roughly equally effective, making the racial differences minimal, but noticeable to the player. Then we have class. The original EQ did class balance better than any game, I think. First, I'm one of those people who love a wide variety of class choices. Also, I believe that the key to class balance is to make each class DESIRABLE for some reason, but not NECESSARY. Of course, there were some classes where SOE failed to make them entirely desirable. Like the druid, many people wanted to play it, but no one wanted them for groups. On the other hand, how they handled balance between most of the classes was excellent. You had, at one end of the spectrum (remember, I'm talking about EQ before all the expansions) the Warrior, who could take tons of damage, yet dealt very little, and at the other the Wizard who could deal tons of damage, but take very little. For the most part, each class took those two variables (Damage out and Damage in) and adjusted them in such a way that you maintained equality. As you moved from the Warrior who could take tons of damage and deal very little, to say, the Shadowknight, you found someone who could, in most cases, take a little less damage than the warrior, but deal a little more. And so on and so forth down the line. This worked for me. Of course.... everyone wants their class to be better, and so many people complained. This leads to the biggest problem with game design for a persistent game.

Fifth: People are gonna complain, and whine, and give you 101 reasons why this that and the other are all broken, and why their class/race/tradeskill is worthless. And, if people are given what they want, they'll most often be absolutely pleased, for a while, then discover that, for some unknown reason, the joy has gone out of the game. I refer you to the first point I made.

Sixth: Solo vs Group content. Okay, I understand, you want solo content, even in a multiplayer game. I get that. So we throw in some solo content. That was actually one of the things that the original EQ did really well that folks just don't think about. Remember all the raider camps? And later the Hill Giants? And later the Ice Giants? All those are examples of solo content that was provided, and I'm sure there are dozens of others if we sat and thought about it, like the butcherblock guards, the minotaur's in the beholders maze. So yeah, maybe they need more of that as you get higher, and maybe even some dungeons you can be somewhat safe in solo, that would be cool. But lets not forget one of the things that made this a successful franchise from day 1. MULTIPLAYER. FOlks from the original EQ, they talked, they grouped, they knew one another. The pace of the fighting wasn't such that you couldn't have a conversation while playing. We weren't just powering from 1 to 50 so fast that by the time we hit 50 we didn't know anyone else. By the time you hit 50, you had tons of friends. Not just people you threw on your friends list because they were competent and you wanted to make sure you kept their name around so that if you needed them again, you could remember it, but people you genuinely enjoyed conversing with. So while I'm all for giving solo players some content, let's be aware of what makes for good group content as well.

Seventh: Someone above mentioned the open UI. One of the worst ideas ever. Sure, it's been great for WoW, but many of us are trying to get AWAY from all the crap that WoW created. Like guilds that say you must have X Y Z addon to raid with us. I don't want a bunch of addons I have to manage. I want the borking game, and thats it.

I could go on and on and on, but I'll stop here, since I already have a wall of text no one will read.
EverQuest Next?
# Sep 26 2012 at 10:18 PM Rating: Decent
Amen, you hit every point bang on.

I'll add a couple:

The Game: Why was EQ the first and last true MMORPG? Because it put their players on a sports team and not in a neighborhood. On a sports team, everyone works together or you fail. In a neighborhood game (WoW, GW2, Rift, DAOC, and whoever else pretends to be an mmorpg), people are all kinda sorta there, but doing their own thing, picking and choosing when to meet up for uneventful things with a "because we have to" attitude.

Travel - This must be done mostly on foot because as it was already mentioned, anything can happen while traveling through the hazards of the world.

Want a thrill? Run from Qeynos to Freeport as a level 1-5 character - THAT was an adventure.

Try breaking the Ghoul Lord or Frenzy rooms in Lower Guk, and trying to include Sentinel, AM and Eye in your pulls and see if your group can do it at levels 40-50. Now switch to WoW and go pull another Orc you'll 3 shot.

Why was EQ so thrilling?

- Firstly, you had to group with people to do it. Unless you were a class that could solo, you mostly killed light blue cons (non-casters at that) and had to med/heal afterwards. Anyone remember being a beast in blackburrow and finding a couple others to "break" the green room because you were too good to kill just gnoll guardsmen and wanted to take on the elites/commanders before moving to highhold pass?

- Secondly, there were very REAL risks in wiping.

- Thirdly, the rewards were great. No bind on equip garbage. No generic loot with non-memorable names like Penetrating Krytian Dagger of Precision... You had extremely unique loot that you remembered, like a Flowing Black Silk Sash or Short Sword of the Ykesha, Robe of the Archmagi, Fungal Tunic, Efreeti Boots, etc.

- Lastly, class distinction. An enchanter was an enchanter, a paladin was a paladin, a cleric was a cleric, etc. The enchanter didn't do rogue dps. The paladin didn't do wizard dps. The cleric healed above all, and the shaman hasted/slowed. Sure every class had moderate to low dps, while a few others had amazing dps - but it was compensated by group roles and utility. It meant working as a team and meshing, you know, like class roles should.

The above four will make it a game I will never forget, and a game that sadly, I will likely never experience again. They simply gave us their game, and we had to explore it, we had to solve the quests, and we had to pay consequences - it makes it more thrilling and memorable. More notably, we were not babied; something I haven't seen again since EQ 1. In response, we created economies (selling goods at ec tunnel or freeport bank), we created names for camps, and we formed friendships that still last to this day as we meander for 3 months at a time from wretched game to the next. It's all the same garbage out there these days, each behind a different engine and saying, "pick me!"

One of these days a company might get it right again and treat the population like adults and put aside making the largest $ at every cost to the company's integrity and do the following:

Make it really fun. Make it a true MMORPG.
New EQ
# Jun 28 2010 at 2:59 PM Rating: Decent
I hate the word Next! Why is it that when something is made that people love there is always an attempt to one up yourself... It was in trying to "improve" EQ that they ruined it.
Poor choice Soe
# May 04 2010 at 1:44 AM Rating: Decent
Now your talking about makeing a ever quest 3 called ever quest nest. How ever it is for cosole. Let me remind you of what you said before. {Later he mentions how they were "ahead of the curve" with EverQuest Online Adventures for the PlayStation 2 because "few players had network adapters for the PS2, and even fewer knew what an MMO was".} So your going to write a vidoe game that pertty much looks like it has failed in the past. For the same people that use a play station 2 console.

While you have and I qoute { dedicated legions of fans who made the EverQuest franchise timeless. } That all play by computer. It looks like your cleintel is computer based only.

You have asked { As we contemplate future EverQuest games, we have to ask, what does the modern MMO player really want from today's games? } With your own words and track record in the ever quest line. It looks like we all want it to be computer played. If you choice to make more ever quest games. let me leave you with this reminder. You have failed at crateing it for play station 2. Yet had made legions of fans by computer. So it bring us to this point. The choice is yours Soe. If you want to try console games again and spend money in it. While your track record is a failer in it. then by all means do it. Though I like the legions of fans for ever quest won't be their.
Everquest Movie... we need a thread
# Mar 20 2010 at 10:47 PM Rating: Decent
107 posts
Well, this isn't a very promising find for me today. I was also looking for answers. It's 2010, what's going to happen, if anything? Let's ask questions, at least, and try to find out what we can.
72nd Cleric of the Nameless

# Dec 11 2009 at 10:26 AM Rating: Decent
My only concern on making an MMO for consoles is how it limits the game. The Final Fantasy MMO is a perfect example. Playing it with a PC was just a constant reminder every minute of what you COULD NOT do. Lets take EQ1 as an example. How would you cast spells and click abilities during combat with a console? You cannot click on the spell gems or the numerous ability buttons each character has. It would have to be through some series of menus, and that is much slower than just clicking a number on the keyboard.

I am not saying it is impossible, but the fear is there that going the way of the console inherently begs the developer to dumb down the game for playability purposes which to me is about as acceptable as baby eating in church.
# Apr 07 2010 at 11:51 PM Rating: Decent
Not for nothin but you DO know that the fancy consoles these days are keyboard and mouse friendly...right?
# Apr 07 2010 at 11:49 PM Rating: Decent
Not for nothing but you DO know that consoles these days are mouse and keyboard compatible? Just sayin
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