January 14, 2009

New and Updated Wiki Articles:   Category:KoS Cloud Stations   ; Shadow Odyssey Tradeskill Missions (EQ2 Quest Series) ; kunark factions

New Items: Zealous Voidbeam PauldronsRadiant Spaulders of BattleCuirass of the Vashotan Justicar

Updated Items: preserved lemonpreserved limepreserved orangeBox of Nil SpaceCa'iluer's Necklace of RoDrape of HatredVentur's Trim HammerVentur's Precision NeedleVentur's Hammer and TongsNurwin's Whittling KnifeNurwin's Bamboo SpatulaNurwin's Sculpting StylusStump CrusherSarnak Utility BeltRenegade Side ArmRenegade Ring of ConstitutionCentered Sandals of FocusBattlepriest's Plate StompersCentered Gi of Pummelingcongealed gooswamp-smooth pebbleGuide: Roots. The Fabric of LifeSash of Gnomish DevicesFlowing Robes of Elemental DominanceUnglued Alchemist's AmuletReet Warrior's SkullcapNightwatch LeggingsDuskwalker's LoopBraided Swamplord NecklaceBracers of Deadly MelodyAshen Cloth CowlLoop of Voidless BeingBlinking Crystal of Void EnergyVoid Tunic of MaulingFauna of the Enchanted Lands L - Z"Fauna of the Enchanted Lands L-Z"Fauna of the Enchanted Lands A - K"Fauna of the Enchanted Lands A-K"

Updated Quests: Those Scurvy Curs!The Arm of InnoruukWar and WardrobeKleron's Wrist-GuardsEvol BandoleerTerrors in the SwampDeconstructing the Constructs of ThuleAbomination DominationGathering the HidesPhylactery FindHides for SebilisDead Iksar TalkingCharm Unlike Any OtherSwords To Be SwipedGhosts in the WoodCleaning Up their MessDisrupt the DeceptionTaking it to the SourceTruffle HuntingMarsh DustHuuuuuuuptic!Tome: Fauna of the Enchanted Lands L - ZTome: Fauna of the Enchanted Lands A - K

New Mobs: Tilzax V'Reryn a blightscale master slayera blightscale marauder

Updated Mobs: Brother LikaMaster Long ShanBlacksmith Sathgara Sathirian praetorianKotiz the Death Bringera Gorowyn archimagea Gorowyn knight dragoonan Immortal guardianan Immortal eliminatora Caroeth ridgeguard assassina Nak'azar myrmidona Nak'azar ambusherFisher OzridQuartermaster KozikThe Reet ArmsmanGrand Master SathazQuartermaster ShylavHunter Snake-EyeSergeant GrizKluzen the ProtectorNavigator AramisXythus Daviana void savagea void ripper

New and Updated Areas: Palace of the Ancient One


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