Calthine's Fan Faire Blog, Day 1

Day 1.  Well, sort of.

It's 8am in Vegas, and kinda quiet, relatively. Everyone seems to be sleeping in. The kids have me too well trained, I woke at 7am.

I got here Wednesday afternoon, coordinated with my boss Draknorr and AutunmKiss from our news site. We indulged in some carboydrates and went to the Star Trek experience. If your're here, you should do this, as its closing its long run at the end of the month.

Then I came back to my room and went to bed early. I woke to text messages from several people sent last night from Quarks. I missed the party! I must be getting old, but getting up at 3am to fly half the day just takes it out of me.

My packing has paid off - there was no coffee pot in my room. There's a coffee stand just beyond the elevator downstairs, but as much coffee as I drink I'm not paying $5 a pop for it! The rooms are nice, although I don't reccomend the smoking room wing, which smells like an ashtray (imagine that).

'Round about noonish I think I'll take the cameras and haunt the lobby for devs. I know, I need a life or something! There's bound to be more gamers around here somewhere... Before that I'm going shopping. Okay, that sounds awful cliche, but my home town has nothing that you can really call a Mall, and the big shopping malls just fascinate me.


Sorry this one is late. Once things get going around here they really get going!

I went and did my malling, came back and called Kiara for our lunch date. We went to Quarks, of course. After which she had to go the the convention room and work, so I found Tamat and and we started moseying toward the Conrad room. On the way we found Her Pinkness, Winter.

There were a few gamers camping the room, but we all visited and had a nice time, accosting the occasional developer. We slowly moved our group closer to the Brenlo spawn point. Just before four he popped and gave us access. Shortly thereafter we were armed with badges and swag and enjoying the really well done Conrad room, which contains the vendors, gaming area, Legends Lounge, and information booth.

In the evening we went to an Allakhazam dinner at Wolfgang pucks, which I highly recommend, yum! There we were given Super Sekret Infoz which I'm dying to tell you, but instead I'll just have to hint REALLY STRONGLY that Allakhazam fans be sure to watch the webcast of Mr. Smedley's address on Friday evening!

I took one turn around the convention before bed. Panels start Thursday!


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