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Name Level Category Scales Repeatable
Cellana's Locket 28 Crypt of Betrayal No No
Displaced Hopes 83 The Sundered Frontier No No
The Pen Is Mightier (Rush Order) 89 City Tradeskill Tasks No Infinite
Voidgazer Wazir 90 The Stonebrunt Highlands No No
The Curious Augur's Three Meanings Of Life 30 Enchanted Lands No No
Bootstrutter's Trail Guide To Far Shire 35 Enchanted Lands No No
Sentinel Snuff Out 80 Mission No Infinite
Speaking With Etuvin 3 Stonestair Byway No No
The Sootfoot Ritualists 48 City Tasks No Infinite
Devotion 65 Felwithe No No
Construction Materials - Tier Four, Gemstone 39 World Event No Infinite
A Citizen's Request 10 Oakmyst Forest No No
An Experienced Diviner's Standard Training Tome 50 Training Yes Infinite
Much Ado' About Rallos 4 Big Bend No No
Abominable Abominations 80 Emperor Atrebe's Laboratory: The Fabled City of Kor-sha No No
In Memoriam: Karana 33 City Tasks No Infinite
New Halas: Ry'Gorr Shocktroopers 90 City Tasks No Infinite
Chirps In The Night 63 City Tasks No Infinite
A Bone To Grind 81 Befallen: Cavern of the Afflicted No No
D.I.R.T.Y. Crafters! 100 World Event Yes Infinite
Misery Unchained 41 City Tasks No Infinite
A Tower's Deadly Shadow 89 Mission No Infinite
Oomba's Zoomba 90 Tradeskill No No
I'd Rather Be The Hare... 78 Jarsath Wastes No No
Double Cross & Revenge 17 Wailing Caves No No