Recovery of the Bloodsaber Plans  

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Min Coin: 17s, 43c
Max Coin: 19s, 59c

Wesaelan Brookshadow gives you a quest to kill a bloodsaber fanatic in Vermin's Snye.

The mob you have to kill is not actually named "a bloodsaber fanatic", it is X'loitl the Bloodsaber Fanatic. After looking for him for around an hour, I tried rezoning (out and back in through the Down Below zone.) I went up the spiral stairs, through the tunnel, and into the first large room. In the northeastern quarter of this room, he had spawned, a level 17^^ with a few friends. (+97.99, -0.08,-175.06 or +78, 0, -164). He can also be found at +8, 0, -204 and also at 77.72, -.08, -164.12

After you kill him and return to Wesaelen, he tells you to go to Captain Eitoa in Antonica. This quest then closes and the Unraveling the Bloodsaber Plots quest opens when you speak to Captain Eitoa.

Journal of Elkare Antonica
Quest Series
The Bloodsaber Series
Unraveling the Bloodsaber Plots
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