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Sealed Bloodstained Scroll

This is a sub-quest of the heritage quest Beauty's Only Skin Deep.

Speak to "a strange, silent denizen" on the third floor of Tower of Frozen Shadow: Shadowed Corridors to begin this quest.

A strange, silent denizen of the third floor of the Tower of Frozen Shadow has offered me a mundane object to deliver to another inhabitant, and wants me to acquire a mundane object in return. If I choose to help these yearning denizens, I will need to do so quickly.

  1. Deliver the seven items to the correct third floor denizens:
    • brass boots - a Yearning Armored Shadow at -15, 210, -80
    • book - a Yearning Shadow at -70, 210, -39
    • bowl - a Yearning Shadowbeast Cook at 34, 211, 84
    • brazier - a Yearning Shadowbeast Servant at 72, 207, 5
    • breastbone - a Yearning Skeleton Sleeper at -51, 209, -10
    • broom - a Yearning Zombie Butler at -60, 207, 15
    • bedsheet - a Yearning Zombie Maid at -62, 209, -98

I successfully delivered the correct objects to the yearning denizens and was rewarded with C.O.'s third chapter notes for "Beauty's Only Skin Deep."

You will now have the Sealed Bloodstained Scroll for Beauty's Only Skin Deep.

We would appreciate clarification on who starts this quest!

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