The Queen is Threatened!  

Grants AA
CategoryFortress of Drunder:Tower of Tactics
Related Zones:
Required Mobs:
Obsidian War Scimitar
Primal Velium Shard

Kelraen has determined that the real culprits behind the Kerig'Dal rebellion are none other than Lord Kefzaanin and Lady V'uul. I have agreed to confront them to foil their plans to assassinate the Kerig'Dal Queen, Vorticia. Stage 1

  1. Enter the Tower of Tactics and defeat Lord Kefzaanin and Lady V'uul.
  2. Return to Kelraen in the Fortress of Drunder.

Lord Kefzaanin and Lady V'uul have been dealt with. However, I suspect something far more sinister is at work here.

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