The Tower of Frozen Shadow  

February 22, 2011

Around -3, -2, 5 inside the Tower of Frozen Shadow: Shadowed Corridors, this quest will automatically pop up. It is intended to progress you through the Tower.

I found a small folio. It contained the following: Blast it! I can never recall how to get about the tower, and most certainly not with the malcontent Tserrina has been cultivating. There are traps and hungry things with sharp teeth and claws and sometimes worse! So I've written myself a guide to navigating the Tower of Frozen Shadow. I should use this folio to help me progress in the Tower of Frozen Shadow.

  1. Obtain a Three Toothed Key from Xalgoti on the First Floor: Submergence.
  2. Obtain a Cracked Crystal Key from Sergeant Schriber on the Third Floor: The Shadow Barracks.
  3. Find a way to weaken Vethilot the Young. Complete the subquest A Ruinous Bath.
  4. Obtain a Slightly Frosty Key from Spectral Librarian Emiida on the Second Floor: The Frozen Library.
  5. Find Tserrina's journal. Complete the subquest Tserrina's Strife.
  6. Obtain the Bone Finger Key from Deception on the Fourth Floor: Darkness Rising.
  7. Find a way to light the darkness. Complete the subquest A Light for the Shadow.
  8. Obtain the Rusty Chapel Key from Narmek Berreka on Sixth Floor: Stewardship of VhalSera.
  9. Find the empty mirror frame. Complete the subquest Mirror, Mirror
  10. Obtain the Large Metallic Key from Dizzina the Lulled on Fifth Floor: Bride's Scorn.
  11. Find the ruined reception gift in the hall. Complete the subquest Not Him Again.
  12. Obtain the Shiny Mirrored Key from Trouveur D'Kish on Seventh Floor: The Palindrome.
  13. Explore the warped Palindrome. Complete the subquest Puzzled.
  14. Defeat Tserrina Syl'Tor in Tower of Frozen Shadow: Haunt of Syl'Tor.

Tower of Frozen Shadow
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A Ruinous Bath
Tserrina's Strife
A Light for the Shadow
Mirror, Mirror
Not Him Again
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