Gildas' Requests - Part II  

This quest can no longer be started in game.
Grants AA
CategoryElddar Grove
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Required Mobs:
Silver Touched Armbands

These are the level 20 armor quests for cloth armor wearers in Qeynos. They are given by Gildas Cedartree in The Elddar Grove, but you must complete them in order.

You must kill the following monsters in Thundering Steppes:

  • 12 marine slugs on hill south of the Dead River Docks
  • 6 zombies
  • 12 Granitescale Basilisk Eyes (North of Oracle Tower in Antonica)
  • One of the following:
    • 12 Blightfang Hatchling Fangs (Blackburrow)
    • 6 Deafening Shriekers (Ruins of Varsoon)
    • 6 Undead Varsoon Apprentices (outside of Ruins of Varsoon)
  • Advisor Pandrus (on the West side of the Ruins of Caltorsis)

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