The Wind of Strife Blows Fickle  

Use the Whistle of the Freethinker to summon Brand on the steps outside Castle Mistmoore at 682.65, 187.20, 105.32 . He sends you to the castle guest quarters for evidence.

There are two ways to get to the guest quarters:

  1. Go in the front door, proceed to the chapel area at the back of the main piano room and head down the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs is a room with several linked Epic x2 mobs, assorted Heroic ^^^s and occasionally the Count of Somnborn. The guest quarters are off the side of this room down another staircase and right, down the hall.
  2. Enter through the catacombs and go up. Take the hall south from the spiral staircase, proceed up and then West at the T intersection straight past the Maid's room and the Fountain room will be the guest quarters.


  1. First update is an autoupdate by entering the hallway past the staircase/fountain room just beyond the maid's room.
  2. Second update is in the very west room in a chest at the foot of the bed farthest to the right on the west wall.
  3. Third update is in the room east (the room directly to your left as you leave the previous), a wardrobe on the west wall in the NW corner.
  4. Fourth update is in the next room east opposite the four statues. It is a book on the nightstand by the furthest bed on the right to the door.
  5. You must now go back to all the rooms to plant the evidence by switching it around so return to the vampire room at the end of the hallway (where the 2nd update was) and place the found letters back on a clickable bedside table. Next, go back to the "middle room" (elf bedroom) and click on another endtable, opposite of where you enter the room. Then, go back to the werewolf room (right-most on map)(werewolf room) and click on a desk to get your update; The desk is to the left of the door as you enter.
  6. Return to brand for a new enchanted flute and Freethinker status. The next quest begins in Mistmoore Castle.

Infiltrator in the House of Mistmoore League of Freethinkers
Quest Series
Experimentation Most Foul
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