Beers for Brell!  

CategoryWorld Event
Level100 (Scales)
Related Items:
Min Coin: 57s, 32c
Max Coin: 1g, 64s, 35c
Tumpy Tonic Max
Choice Of:
Liquid Courage
Helm of Foamy Goodness
Brewmeister's Backpack Blueprint

Repeatable once per year.

The Avatar of Below
The Avatar of Below
The best thing the gnolls have ever done.
The best thing the gnolls have ever done.
Desert nights are hot, too!
Desert nights are hot, too!
Tumpy Irontoe
Tumpy Irontoe
Charvis is in his
Charvis is in his "bucket" again!

The Avatar of Below is on the move, looking for the best brews Norrath has to offer! You encountered him in Antonica (roaming in the Central Farmlands near the bridge to North Qeynos.). He asks you if you would help him find the brews he wants to sample. Note: these steps must be done in order.

  1. Get a keg of Blackburrow Stout from the brewer's chamber at the bottom of Blackburrow ( 20,-40,58 ) . Taking the underwater cave entrance at ( -1,019.77, -41.57, 1,176.22 ) gets you the closet to the keg upon entry.
  2. Get a bottle of Gigglegibber Ginger Ale from the goblin in the Bar of Brell.
    1. Gergy Gigglegibber has ginger but needs ale!
    2. Buy an Ale from Mraugl Stonecrusher for 1s, 20c  and give it to Gergy.
  3. Get a Love on the Coast in Maj'Dul
    1. Amorous Ali ( -228,161,-96 ) is an exotic drinks merchant in Maj'Dul's market near the carpet landing ledge. He would like you to deliver a drink to a pretty lady for him, and he will give you one of his famous drinks!
    2. Give the drink to Amavi Kar at -216,161,-89 . Return to Ali for your drink!
  4. Get a Minotaur Hero Brew in The Enchanted Lands near Runnyeye.
    1. On the road from Bogbottom Mill up towards Runnyeye, on the south side of the road, find Charvis Drunkhoof ( 94, 25, -693 ) . Right click and select Tip the Minotaur!!! He falls over in a drunken stupor and moos. Take his bucket of brew.
  5. Get a Tumpy's Tonic Max in Butcherblock Mountains
    1. Talk to Glug Irontoe ( 693, 24, 603 ) on the docks at the base of the ramp.
    2. Find the ghost of Tumpy Irontoe running back and forth on the road in front of Kaladim ( -260, 153, -430 ) . He asks you to do something for him to prove your worthiness: run naked on the Butcherblock docks! He gives you some Liquid Courage. Go to the docks and drink it!
    3. Talk to Tumpy on the docks (yes, he really was watching the show!) and get the drink.
  6. Take the collected alcohols back to the Avatar of Below

NOTE: The quest now auto updates, like the first three items in a Lore and Legend quest, so there is nothing to give Brell when you finish, just talk to him


And your choice of:

Also called "Brell's Day", occurs annually in March.

(Introduced in 2008)

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