Zubzub's Munchies, Part IV  

Level100 (Scales)
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spiced swamp rat
Zubzub's favorite snack
swamp spice
swamp rat
fens sifter spore
Zubzub's Spiced Swamp Rats
Faction Changes:

Time to cook! Trusting you with her family recipe, Zubzub wants you to create trollish culinary heaven.

Zubzub provides the ingredients you gathered, and you'll need 5 smoldering kindling per combine (25 total if you hit pristine every time). The combines are made at the stove & keg, using Thaumaturgy reactions. 2 stew are returned on each pristine (fuel returned on lower quality level completions) and if you fail, you can always go back to Zubzub for more ingredients.

Your reward? A dish of rats for your very own!!

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